PhatMojo’s DuckTales Figures Back Online!

Thanks to @EricRovtar for the heads up & @sonicth51193402 for the cover image.

We had previously reported that DuckTales figures had been removed from Target’s website (You can read that blog here. There was a problem where the kids’ packs and the larger figures shared DCPIs. This created problems with ordering them online. If you attempted to order the figures from the website you could not select which of the figures you wanted to purchase.

It does appear PhatMojo and Target have fixed this problem. We reported previously that stickers were being added to the back of the figures packaging and we were assuming this was to separate the DCPIs.

However, as of me writing this blog the figures are not available on You can order the figures individually on Target’s app. So if you’ve been waiting to order the DuckTales figures online, you need to use the app.

Hope you enjoy!

***UPDATE*** It has been pointed out to us that the action figures are available for online purchase and pick-up in store. But they are not yet available for delivery. We have heard new product should be showing up at Target soon. We will keep you posted.


  1. Recently stumbled upon this site and it’s social media accounts. It’s a great resource.

    As for this photo, I’m a little jealous. Some of my local Targets are significantly more miss than hit in regards to Ducktales merchandise.

    Finally gave up and ordered the 10 inch Scrooge off eBay. Have to drive about 35 minutes in the hopes they have the figures and maybe an intact Money Stack case.

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  2. I can confirm that I went this weekend (7/21) to my local Target in the DC region and they had an endcap set up for stock like the picture above….but it was completely empty of any PhatMojo products. Impossible to tell if the stock was removed for the SKU fixing, or if it was bought out already just by looking, but the app still claims that they’re in stock at that location, so it my be the former. I’ll probably stop in again this weekend to check and see. If you go on eBay, there are definitely people taking advantage of the rarity…does anyone know about production numbers on these? I wonder if they just didn’t make enough to match demand?

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    • So, over the last week I’ve been able to find all the Phat Mojo figures. Granted it’s only been because family functions have me covering a roughly 100 square mile search area, but I have found what I was looking for.

      I even found the 10 inch Funko Scrooge at a random store in New Jersey. I’d already bought one on EBay — fortunately the price worked out to about the same because the box was damaged.

      Right now, the only thing I can’t find is the money stacks. I am kicking myself for not picking up a whole box a few weeks back when I had the chance.

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    • Still unsure on this. We don’t think the official rollout has happened. But with the barcode stickers and everything we aren’t sure what that means for stock. And we have not heard the production numbers.


  3. I went to two Targets on Friday night – one, the one I checked before, was still empty. The other had an endcap filled with the plushes (which were mostly gone, surprisingly), tons of money stacks and what looked like a full case of the single-packaged figures, with numerous Scrooges, Launchpads, Donalds, and Glomgolds. They also had the Suncatcher set. No money bins or kids two-packs, though.

    I will say the quality varies greatly figure-to-figure, so I’d recommend getting them in person; sloppy paint, odd splotches on the white feathers, etc. Also was surprised the scale was so off – Launchpad is tiny! Which was sad. Also every scrooge I saw had some problematic gaps attaching the bottom rubber part of his jacket…it looks like the mold must’ve shrunk, because I tried to reglue it and it just doesn’t completely line up. Of course, that could just be a problem with the batch I saw. But the sculpts are spot on.

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