Some of The Target Exclusive DuckTales Toys Removed From!

***UPDATE*** Further proof that Target may be working to solve the online ordering issues, it appears the UPC bar codes are getting a sticker. Maybe this will fix the web site problems.

Before you get too worried, they will be back.

We were preparing to go on a duck hunt when I checked to see where we would have the greatest opportunity to find some of the toys. I was surprised to find that the the website listed the figures as unavailable.


I then went to Pirate’s favorite online tool,, and found that all of my stores showed the toys in stock. When I did a little further searching on I found that the figures were still listed on the website without a price.


We know the product has shown up in stores. The CEO of PhatMojo reported on twitter that most of the product was in the stores, but it wasn’t on the shelves yet.

Because our stores did not have DuckTales toys we looked at ordering them on the website only to find that you could not pick which toys you would get. Friend of the show @EricRovtar gambled on ordering the product line and was able to get all of the adults and his only duplicate was that he received two Webby/Huey 2 packs (he was able to take the extra to his local store and trade for the Dewey/Louie pack.

What I am assuming is happening with is that they are fixing the problem with the random figures when you order online. I’m sure they will get things fixed, and we will see DuckTales Action Figures for sale from Target’s website soon.

PhatMojo DuckTales Action Figures


  1. I just commented this on another blog post. I’m hoping thats what they are doing. But i found the action figures in the store and they all have the same target id nimber. It might not be viable for them to offer character selection. Does Target offer character selection for any other toy line with different characters but same store item id number?

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  2. Update: i checked another toy line with multiple characters that had the same Dcpi number and they will listed as separate items. So it looks like we should be in good shape!

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  3. One more tip for you guys, some of the action figures are not ringing up at the registers. So they are using an overide. This means that they are still listed in the stores inventory even though they have been sold. So the Target store will not know to place an automatic reorder of inventory. This use to happen with new justics league figures and it would take FOREVER before a manager would force a reorder. Hopefully the system for reorder has improved.

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  4. I just noticed I was overcharged because of the barcode issue. Some of the figures registered for $3 higher than they should have


    • Oh, and the toy company made a big mistake here. Each unique item should have its own UPC, and even if I’m wrong here, the upc was wrong on in the artwork, hence the new label – this is a rookie mistake; my guess is that the product manager forgot to check the upc in the artwork and they had to overlabel with a new barcode at the last second which is creating the issue. This is a fireable offence at many consumer product companies.

      This creates frustration for the buyer. Hopefully these sell so well that it won’t make a difference, but it wouldn’t shock me if the company is put in the penalty box and doesn’t get extra distribution


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