Character Spotlight – M’Ma Crackshell


Name: M’Ma Crackshell / M’Ma Crackshell-Cabrera (2017)

Aliases: Mrs. Crackshell / Officer Cabrera (2017)

Relatives: Fenton Crackshell (Son) / Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera (2017)

Occupation: Stay at home Soap Opera Watcher / Police Detective (2017 Series)

Appearance: White feathers, blond hair in curlers, and wearing a pink bath robe / Brown Feathers, Brown Hair, Earrings, and a Police Badge

Voice: Kathleen Freeman (Original Series), Selenis Leyva (2017 Series)

Who is M’Ma Crackshell?


M’ma Crackshell first appeared in the episodes “Super DuckTales” in part 1, 3 and 5. Mrs. Crackshell is mother to Fenton Crackshall, AKA Gizmoduck. She is a stay at home mother who sits and watches Soap Opera all day. One of her notable favorite shows is the Young and the Featherless.

In the original series Mrs. Crackshell is a minor reoccurring character who has had a few notable roles in the original Ducktales series. “My Mother the Psychic” is an episode in which M’ma is shocked by trying to fix her TV set. After getting shocked, she is able to see the future. Scrooge hires Mrs. Crackshell to help him have successful business transactions. Flintheart learns of M’ma’s abilities and tries to kidnap her. In doing so, Mrs. Crackshell loses her ability to see the future.

The other notable episode M’Ma is featured on the original series is “Blue Collar Scrooge”. This episode has Scrooge getting amnesia and forgets who his is. Scrooge spends the episode trying to get back at the tycoon Scrooge Mcduck for being so ruthless to his employees. During this episode he has a brief love interest with Mrs. Crackshell as she takes care of him while he tries to remember who he is.

mma-cabrera.pngIn Ducktales 2017, Fenton’s mother has been renamed to M’Ma Crackshell-Cabrera. M’Ma is a strong Latina working class woman who appears to be a police detective. We are excited to see this change in her and can’t wait for this weeks episode “Who is Gizmoduck?!”

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