IDW DuckTales #10 Review!

This month’s issue of IDW’s DuckTales comic adds two more fun adventures for our daring ducks. If you haven’t been reading these comics they are set in the same world as the current show that is airing on the Disney Channel. To date the stories have not added anything earth shattering to the story of the show, but they are excellent side stories.

The book is always formatted with two stories. The first story for this issue of the comic is “The Hedge Enigma!” In this story written by Steve Behling, Huey learns that Dewey has a dark secret, kind of. Dewey doesn’t like it when Huey tries to butt in, but Huey decides that he must look after his brother. The moral of the story is kind of on the nose, and Dewey is once again found to have a secret hidden from his brothers (it’s not Dewey Dew’Night!).

In the second story “The Twisted Tale of the Two-Headed Horse!” by Joe Caramagna Donald is convinced to go adventuring with Scrooge and the boys when he fears they will get hurt with Uncle Scrooge. For some reason Louie disappears without any explanation and the other two boys learn a valuable lesson. Like past stories we learn more about the family dynamics of the Duck/McDuck family.

The stories and art are great. I have enjoyed this comic from the beginning. I like reading the additional stories that I feel have value and they do add to my experience with the franchise. If you are an adult with kids I believe these books provide an excellent opportunity to read to your kids and enjoy something together.

You can check out our preview of the comic by following the link below, and you can follow the amazon link to order a digital copy.

IDW’s DuckTales #10 Preview!

DuckTales #10 on Kindle or Comixology

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