DuckTales Gummi Bears References

Episode 17 of the DuckTales 2017 reboot “From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!” was full of Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears references.

Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears originally aired on NBC from 1985-1988, and then aired on ABC in 1989. The show was a part of the Disney Afternoon launch lineup where episodes of its run from 1985-1989 were run in syndication. The originally Disney Afternoon launch lineup was Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, DuckTales, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, and TaleSpin.

I was not expecting a Gummi Bear reference this soon in the new DuckTales series, but wow did we get an excellent episode jam packed with references.

Let’s drink some gummiberry juice and bounce right into the references.

When Ludwig Von Drake is giving a report on Black Heron, the number on her mugshot is 09141985. That number translates to the date 9/14/1985. The first episode of Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears “A New Beginning” premiered on NBC on September 14, 1985.

Scrooge and Beakley’s S.H.U.S.H assignment has them going to an auction where one of the lots is a page from the Great Book of Gummi.

The Great Book of Gummi was a magical book that held the secrets of Gummi wisdom and tradition, spells, and recipes. The book can only be unlocked by the Gummi Medallion. The page was ripped out of the book so Scrooge and Beakley did not need the medallion.

In Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, the book was hidden in Gummi Glen and protected by the last of the Gummi Bears: Zummi, Grammi Gummi, Sunni, Tummi, Gruffi, Cubbi Gummi. Their likenesses can be seen on the page.

Some of the voice cast from Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears also had voice actor roles in the classic DuckTales series. Grammi Gummi was voiced by June Foray who also voiced Magica DeSpell and Ma Beagle. Gruffi Gummi was voiced by Corey Burton who voices Liquidator, B.U.D.D.Y, and Ludwig Von Drake in DuckTales (2017). Disney Afternoon rockstar, Jim Cummings, voiced Zummi Gummi towards the end of the series.

Castle Gondor is shown in the page from the Great Book.

Black Heron’s hideout island is full of gumiberry bushes of a variety of colors. Scrooge eats a gummiberry.

During Black Heron’s Declaration of Harmful Intent video. We learn that Black Heron’s secret plan is to have a super soldier army that bounces using the gummiberry juice formula that was from the page from the Great Book of Gummi.

Black Heron states a modified lyric from the Adventures of the Gummi Bears theme song.

She states: “They will be bouncing here and there and everywhere, mass destruction that is beyond compare.”

The actual line from the theme song is: “Gummi Bears bouncing here and there and everywhere, high adventure that’s beyond compare.”

The Disney Afternoon is well known for having the best cartoon intro theme songs, and the Adventures of the Gummi Bears theme song is one of the best. I actually have the song memorized for a speech in case I ever win an award or something.

You can watch and sing allow to the Adventures of the Gummi Bears theme song here:

Mrs. Beakley memorized the gummiberry juice formula since the recipe page was burned in a fire.

six handfuls of red berries, then four orange berries, three purple berries, four blue berries, three green berries, and one yellow berry

Webby, Mrs. Beakley, and Black Heron all at some point in this episode drink the gumiberry juice which allows that person to have a special power of bouncing. Two things that I especially loved about this is that (1) The power of bounce is only temporary just like in the Adventures of the Gummi Bears (characters had to drink more juice to gain the power back), (2) DuckTales also included the classic sound that occurs when a character drinks the gumiberry juice.

Webby goes home with a vile of gummiberry juice which could lead to additional Gummi Bears fun in the future.

What did you think of the Gummi Bear references? Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks


  1. I love this show (Gummi Bears) when i was a kid. Also Ducktales were one of my favorites. And to see reference of them
    Both it was a really good nostalgic and they work it perfectly.

    I love that Beakly recited the gummi juice formula exactly as how it is. And all the other references. They really put a effort in this show to make throwbacks!! I LOVE IT.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the run down- my kids didn’t know why I was so excited when I saw zummi on the page from the great book and then couldn’t stop laughing at the quote from the song. Just learned of this now and found your page to see all the references. (Didn’t recognize the castle or the castle

    Liked by 1 person

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