Flashback: Happy Bday Donald Disney Infinity Toy Box

Disney Infinity was not just a video game. It was the best game video game EVER made for Disney fans, sorry Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey fans. It also had the most amazing community and fan base that I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

The Toy Box mode allowed gamers to develop their own games using a variety of toys and logic pieces that could be unlocked throughout the game. The Disney Infinity community team would have weekly challenges to see which gamers could build the best toy boxes each week with a specific theme. The Disney Infinity community team would then pick a top 5 of gamer toy boxes to showcase each week.

For the first week of June 2014 of its freshman year, Disney Infinity had a Toy Box weekly community challenge to make the best Toontown Toy Box. That week was the 80th birthday of Donald Duck so I decided to honor him with a toy box that I titled “HappyBdayDonald.” Gamers were limited on both space of the Toy Box and title size that first year of Disney Infinity existence. The text feature in Disney Infinity did not come around until the second iteration of the game, Disney Infinity 2.0. My Toy Box was picked as the 4th place Toy box in the Disney Infinity community team’s Toontown challenge.

Today being Donald Duck’s 84th Birthday, it was fun to look back at my “HappyBdayDonald” Disney Infinity Toy Box by watching some play through videos on youtube.

The following play through videos were made by The8bittheater, DisneyInfinityFans, and CadenYurkGaming. Enjoy!

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