Powerline Funko Pop! Review


I remember the first few times going to the movies in 1995 to go see A Goofy Movie. Growing up watching Goof Troop, I loved the characters and wanted to see what happened after the show ended. I was amazed by the story of Max trying to fit in and become something better than he thought he could be. We got our first look at Powerline, played by Tevin Cambell, when Max goes on stage to sing one of his songs to impress Roxanne. Not only did Max and his school think

Powerline was cool, but so did the audience. He is a minor character in the film, but people have rallied behind this character still to this day. Over the last few months, I have noticed a lot of merchandise for Powerline even years after this movie has been released. There have been t-shirts, posters, mugs, phone cases, and now a Funko Pop!

The Powerline Funko Pop is a Hot Topic exclusive that was just released. When I went to my local Hot Topic there were only two left. I examined them closely and picked the best of the two. Not a second later someone had picked up the second one and it was sold. (so if you haven’t gotten yours yet … GET IT NOW!)


While I keep all of my funkos in excellent condition, I am an out of box collector. I keep all of the boxes in case I change my mind one day. Now the sculpt on his funko pop is AMAZING! The artists did an amazing job at creating this Pop. He even has the Powerline logo on his chest. My biggest disappointment is the paint job. The paint job seems rushed and not cleanly made like some of my other pops. The white on his gloves bleed onto his jacket and shirt. The black boots bleed onto his pants and his nose isn’t fully painted. Now this happens from time to time with funkos. I was unfortunate to only be able to pick the best of only a few that were left. Here is how I would rank this pop.


Sculpt: 9

Quality: 7

Nostalgia: 10

This being the first Goof Troop figure to be created, I really hope to see more. I would love to see the core cast. Goofy, Max, Pete, and PJ. I would even love if Funko would make Roxanne. The one character I am hoping gets created at some point would be Bobby Zimuruski as he is one of my favorite characters of the film. So lets all cross are fingers and hope that Funko listens to their customers hearts by making more Goofy Movie Pops in the future!

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