DuckTalks Episode #026 – The One Beginning The June Break!

Mitch, Pirate Steven and Josh are back and ready for an episode of DuckTalks. There may not be an episode of DuckTales this week, but there is plenty for these DuckNuts to talk about. This week they discuss the three episodes announced to air in June, the revelation that the digital release of DuckTales Season One will be in two parts, a guest blog at, Pirate’s trip to MegaCon, his experience with Don Rosa, Paris FanDaze, and Mitch’s experience at Donald’s Dino-bash… I told you there was plenty to discuss.

DuckTalks Episode #026 – The One Beginning The June Break!



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  1. I’d like to do a poll to se if people do approciate the reboot. (I don’t, and prefer the old one)
    Can you post it? I still got few followers…

    Link of the 1st ask in English:

    2nd Eng =

    3rd Eng =

    4th Eng =

    5th Eng =

    6th Eng =

    7th Eng =

    8th Eng =

    Link of the 1st ask in Italian:

    2nd Ita =

    3rd Ita =

    4th Ita =

    5th Ita =

    6th Ita =

    7th Ita =

    8th Ita =


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