Japan DuckTales Keychain Plush

Fact: Japan loves keychain plush. On Disney Store Japan’s website there is currently 214 listings for different Disney keychain plush. I also appreciate a good keychain plush on my backpack when I go on trips or at conventions.

A new set of Duck plush was released in Japan this week. These keychain plush will not be sold outside of Japan. So if you are interested in these plush keychains, you would need to find a shopper from Japan to purchase the items and mail them to you.

The new keychain plush include Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Launchpad McQuack, and Gyro. Gyro merchandise opportunities are rare. These plush are based on the classic DuckTales versions.

Searching through the Disney Store Japan website, I found an awesome set of Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers that is currently listed as Out of Stock.

What do you think of these keychain plush? Will you be looking for a personal shopper to do an import from Japan or going the eBay route? Let us know.

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