Launchpad McQuack Halloween Costume

DuckTales Launchpad McQuack Kid’s Halloween Costume

I’m a pilot! It looks like a licensed kid’s LaunchPad McQuack Halloween costume will be on sale for Halloween this year. This costume is the DuckTales 2017 LaunchPad McQuack. This costume was newly added onto and currently shows as being Sold Out. This is a tad early for new Halloween costumes to be showing online as being in stock so I am sure the Sold Out banner will be removed once the initial stock of the Launchpad McQuack costumes arrives at ‘s warehouse.

The sizes listed on the website for the costume are XS, S, and M. So we really are talking about a kid’s costume. I hope we see some official Disney Store costumes as that quality can not be beat.

I love the disclaimer on the website:


You might not want to actually let your child fly any airplanes while wearing this officially licensed Disney costume! If your child is anything like Launchpad himself, then he may need quite a few more lessons on how to land an airplane before he takes the controls!

What do you think of this Launchpad McQuack costume? Who will you be trick-or-treating as this October? Let us know.

This Duck Merch treasure was discovered by friend of the show @Kahuna_Potato

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