DuckTales 2017 Moves to The Disney Channel!

Yes! It is officially official! DuckTalks 2017 is moving to the Disney Channel. This is great news for the show. Disney XD is usually purchased through a premium package through television providers, but the DC is typically part of their more affordable options.

As you may be aware, last week Frank’s weekend news was halted when more news became available. He let us know that we would know more about what was going on with the show very soon. Then on Monday evening the official DuckTales Twitter account posted a blurry image and challenged fans to 100 retweets for the reveal.

It took DuckTales fans all of 6 minutes to get the 100 retweets, but there was no response from the Twitter account. Fans were antsy all night, and the response that came the next day was worth the wait.

The trailer for DuckTales Every Day in May includes clips from episodes that have aired on Disney XD and episodes that we haven’t seen yet. We will post a trailer break down soon.

The following day Frank was finally able to bring us the news himself after an article was posted by Nerdist.

Since the news broke the Disney Channel has updated their banners to promote DuckTales, and they have been running promos on social media.

The news of the move and the news that DuckTales is airing everyday in May is great, and we have a lot to be excited about as we near the summer. We are still waiting on official announcements for new episodes (Spear of Selene was on the Disney Channel schedule for Friday May 4th at 8 PM, but the page now returns a 404 Error…).

Now we know the what, and the how… we just need the when. What do you think? Do we have any new followers now that the show has moved to TDC? Will you be tuning in everyday in May? We will continue to share what we find, and if you follow @DuckTalks we will try to keep you informed.

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