New Episodes of DuckTales Are Near!

It has been another fantastic week for DuckNews! We’ve been waiting for information on the end of the DuckTales’ hiatus, and boy did we get news. A week ago we were all pretty bummed when Frank Angones, the Co-Producer of the show, had to back away from revealing some news. Frank promised we would begin receiving news soon, and the flood gates have opened!

There is honestly too much news to cover all at once, and we are currently working on a number of blog posts. We want to give each of these items the space we need to provide you with the information, and to provide you with our commentary. Because, let’s face it, you could just go read the articles if you only wanted the facts.

If you just want the facts: Article

The first item we want to celebrate, new episodes are scheduled and they are soon! Well, relatively soon. I mean, we’ve waited four months for a new episode, what’s a few more weeks. DuckTales “The Spear of Selene!” will air Friday May 4th at 8 PM on the Disney Channel, the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel YouTube. Not only is DuckTales moving to a channel that allows them to reach a larger audience, but the show is also moving to prime time!

The audience for DuckTales is about to explode. This move (both to a new Channel and a new time) ensures that Duck Fans in the US are going to enjoy this show and merchandise for a long time to come.

The new time may be great for the show… but I am going to miss watching this show on Saturday mornings with my daughter. For those first nine episodes we had a good Saturday morning ritual that I enjoyed immensely. We woke up early, met in the kitchen to pour our bowls of cereal, put on a pot of coffee for me, and settled in on the couch for the episode to start. Before DuckTales 2017 I don’t think my daughter had experienced Saturday morning cartoons the way that I had as a child. My wife and youngest daughter would normally wake up after the episode was over, and we would rewatch it once or twice with them.

With the show moving to Friday evenings… we will lose that time together. But maybe it is time we come up with a new Saturday morning routine to enjoy. Maybe we start having an early morning walk or breakfast with just the two of us.

This move will allow us to start a whole new tradition for our TGIF evenings. Now we can enjoy DuckTales and hopefully other great Disney Animation shows that will be placed around it. We will get to watch it with my wife and youngest daughter, and on Saturday we can watch it again as many times as we want because it should be available on our season passes (we have iTunes and Amazon 🤣).

DuckTales 2017 moving is great news for the show! We would like to hear about you plans for for Friday nights in May. Will you be chilling by yourself? Or will you be partying with a crew of fellow Duck Nuts? We want to hear from you, so comment below or @DuckTalks on Twitter!

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