Funko Action Figure Review: Negatron

I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am the action figure that you have to chase down…literally

I AM, UGH….Negatron!?

A Funko Chase figure is a more limited/rarer version of a figure. It is called a chase figure because some of the fun is in the chase and the hunt to find them. The chase figures are randomly inserted into cases of figures that are ordered by retailers. Most of the time the chase figure is a repaint of an existing figure mold.

The Disney Afternoon Action Figure collection has a chase figure. For every 6 Darkwing Duck figures, there is a color variant black and white chase version which is actually the character Negatron. 1:6 odds for a chase figure is not bad odds. I have never personally seen a chase figure on the shelf in the wild, but I have definitely seen people order a Funko figure online and been sent the chase version. The Negatron figure usually sells on the secondary market for around $20 which is twice the price of the non chase Darkwing Duck version.

The Box Art

The box art for the Negatron figure is exactly the same as the Darkwing Duck figure. The figure is even labeled as Darkwing Duck on the packaging which is incorrect if you consider that this figure actually has a name in the series of Negatron. There is a chase sticker on the packaging to let consumers know that they have found a rare/special figure.

Collectors are again left with the decision of whether or not to remove the figure from the packaging. Chase or not, I prefer the look of the characters outside of the packaging for my displays. Leaving the figure in the packaging is also acceptable.

The Figure

The figure is a really great representation colorwise of the Negatron character in the show. It is the exact same mold as the Darkwing Duck Funko Action Figure with a Negatron color scheme including Negatron’s red eyes which is a really nice touch considering the other two Funko Negatron figure releases have black eyes. It has seven points of articulation including head, arms, elbows, and legs for high pose ability and movement. Negatron comes with a gas gun accessory. I love that Funko would do such an obscure character as Negatron. Another popular choice could have been Darkwing Duck’s arch rival NegaDuck who appeared in multiple episodes compared to Negatron’s 1 episode appearance. NegaDuck would have been an other easy repaint with the same pose. I could definitely see Funko releasing a NegaDuck figure in a future series.

One feature that would have put this figure over the top for me would have been a glow feature which would definitely go with this character. Funko released three renditions of Negatron last year in the form of a POP!, Mystery Mini, and this Action Figure. I am sure that Darkwing Duck creator, Tad Stones, could have never imagined that Negatron would ever be popular enough to get any merchandise let alone three figure releases in a year. Out of the three Negatron figures by Funko, only the Pop! figure version glows in the dark. The glow on the POP! figure is spectacular.

Final Thoughts

I prefer the standard Darkwing Duck figure to the chase Negatron version, but I am definitely glad that Funko made a Negatron figure to go with the collection. I would have loved to see it glow, but I am just glad that he was made…period. If he wasn’t a chase version, I do not see Funko mass producing this Negatron figure. Did you chase down a Negatron figure for your collection? Did you take your Negatron figure out of the box?

Where to buy?

This is a chase figure so you are going to have to be lucky and find him at a retail shop, eBay or secondary market, or try your luck ordering a Darkwing Duck figure online and hope Negatron shows up at your door. I ordered my chase figure for $20 from an online Funko retailer.

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