Darkwing Duck Action Figure collection

Let’s get nostalgic! What is going on duck fans out there. You’re probably saying – HEY this isn’t Mitch or Steven! Who hijacked their blog page? What the duck is lakposht?!

First, lakposht is the Farsi word for turtle. And well I’m pretty much known for covering 4 human sized turtles with different colored headbands. BUT, I have been known as a big Darkwing Duck fan as well. In fact, a couple of years ago I showed off my collection that you can watch here. Well now, I’m gonna show off my collection, but in written mode!

Now if you watched the video above (Oh c.mon, it’s 5 minutes, you can spare the time!) you’ll notice I said they didn’t really add more. WELL 2 years later and this is what the Darkwing Collection looks like now!

Darkwing Duck Collection
The Darkwing shrine

I’ve been collecting action figures for many years now and in fact my very FIRST action figure I ever collected was this Darkwing Duck figure when I was 13 years old. (Stop doing the math, I’m old! Very likely older than you, so listen to your elder and continue reading!)

My Very First Darkwing Duck

Note: The Gas Gun in the background is a 3D printed cosplay prop.

And after I decided that I was too old and mature to be playing with toys (HA! Like I’ll ever be mature!), I bought and never opened this extra Darkwing Duck toy! And eventually got it signed by both Jim Cummings (the voice of Mr. Drake Mallard) and Tad Stones! (the creator/producer of the series)

Signed figure
I rather have signed items addressed to my legal name to make it more unique!

So because nostalgia sells, we are seeing more 90’s characters popping up in media, apparel, and even toys! In fact Funko (the company that exploits on people’s memories and now has Money Bin like profits!) has been pioneering the DW merch as they started on their ever popular Pop figures. Personally, I have NEVER bought a single Funko Pop, instead the ones I owned were given to my by friends or from the subscription boxes that are given to us that keep our channel afloat. But something happened in 2017 … I bought not 1 Funko Pop, not even 5! We bought MANY funko pops (more I’d like to admit) which not only included the new Darkwing Duck ones, but even DuckTales, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Kingdom Hearts and even Disney Princesses (for the wife! I swear!)

Funko Pops
2017 – the year Funko broke me to give them money

One not so proud moment was when my wife voluntarily stood in line to get the ThinkGeek/GameStop exclusive Negaduck figure. (Or what Funko has labeled as “Negatron” but was never called that in the one episode he was in. He was just made from negatrons.) Who are we?!

But Funko didn’t stop there! The also made Disney Afternoon Figural Keychains that can only be purchased through blind bags. So let’s picture something pathetic: A grown man in his 30s (I did that math for you!) at a Toys R Us, feeling each sealed bag to find an oversized fedora! Well, after going through each bag, I found both DW and Negaduck! I eventually completed the entire Disney Afternoon set. (with some help from my friend eBay)

Figural Keychains
Techincally, Launchpad belongs with DuckTales in this set.

Want more figures you have to purchase without knowing what you get and possible chance in getting multiples of? Well, Funko also made Disney Afternoon Mystery Minis! This time including TailSpin in the collection. I’m sure Mitch and Steven posted thousands of pictures of their collection, but this is my blog post and here is my collection, of the figures that only matters – the Darkwing Duck ones!

Mystery Minis
Sorry, no black and white Negaduck!

You’re looking at that and saying, “Where’s Negatron?” NO! His name is Negaduck! Don’t fall for mislabeled marketing! The only episode he was in was actually called “Negaduck”. There are 2 reasons not trying to get black and white Negaduck.

  1. It’s a repaint of a figure for a character that was only featured in 1 episode
  2. It’s a Hot Topic exclusive, and have no desire to buy more $7 boxes so I can get more repeat figures

I got really lucky with this collection to be honest. Pirate Steven sold me DW, Launchpad, and Goslayn. Then I went to Toys R Us and found 4 blind boxes with a sale buy 1 get one 40% off and decided to buy the rest! I got Negaduck, Morgana, (a REALLY hard to find figure btw) an extra Darkwing Duck, and Louie (DuckTales). So luckily, I didn’t need to sink in so much money to get the 5 I wanted!

And well Funko made probably the BEST thing they could’ve made for me! Disney Afternoon Action Figures!! Now I was planning to buy 2 Darkwing Duck action figures (one for opening and one for staying sealed) but I was lucky enough to find at my Toys R Us the rare chase figure of Negaduck!

New Darkwing Duck Action Figures
I’ve been too lazy to actually open the non chase figure right now

Personally, I’d prefer the red and yellow Negaduck (mainly because we never got an action figure of him) but still happy to find the chase figure out in the wild. If I didn’t see it in the store I really would’ve skipped it because of the reason #2 from above.

Now for this post I decided to show off my original colletion as well. You have to understand, the original toys were before my collecting days, and instead I played with them. That means they are in an attic at my parents house smooshed by all my Ninja Turtles and He-Man toys. Well I couldn’t find Launchpad, Honker, or Goslayn, but I was successful on finding all 4 villians!

Classic Playmate toys
The weapons really do not fit in their hands! i still don’t know how Megavolt is holding that lightning bolt!!

I played with these toys a lot and they really show! In fact, I remember getting my parents to buy me another Launchpad McQuack because my brother and I were so rough on him that his head came off. The only things I was really missing from the Playmates line was the Thunderquack and the Ratcatcher. Just never found the vehicles in the stores when I was kid.

Also, do you guys like cereal? Kelloggs had a promotion to collect box tops and send them in to receive a 4 mini figure set. I was able to find all of them except for Megavolt.

Kelloggs Mini Figures
I think Megavolt is just afraid of the good guys

And one more image for you guys! I couldn’t find all the figures, but I found almost everyone’s weapons!! Darkwing’s gas gun and binoculars are in his case, but I am currently missing Honker’s laptop and Tuskernini’s movie camera. (I am SURE I saw it at parents’, but assumed it was April O’Neil’s camera and left it)

Honker – Calculator, Gosalyn – Baseball bat and hockey stick, Launchpad – Orange gun and headphones, Bushroot – Watering can and vine, Megavolt – Lightning bolt and purple gun, Stealbeak – Bazooka and FOWL bomb, Tuskernini – Megaphone

So hope you enjoyed my colletion! If I ever find the 3 missing figures I will do an update to showcase them as well. And you people who didn’t read my rambling novel and just scrolled through the pictures – I hope you liked the pictures! (Maybe that’ll be the only sentence you read).

Did you like my post? You wanna see more of me, like see my face and hear my voice?Guess what, I host a YouTube channel featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Please check us out at Moving Lakposht! And hey, you like Darkwing Duck? I hope you do, this whole post was about him! Well I interviewed Tad Stones here!  And the Nerdist loved it so much that they ripped my interview and totally didn’t credit us!

Also, look forward to a video tour of these figures in the near future!


  1. I’m a big fan of Darkwing duck I’m 36 i’ve watched him since the 90’s and missed him ever since my step dad divorced my mom cause at the time they divorced they stop showing new episodes of Darkwing duck tell jim give it a chance to bring the duck knight back!!
    no. 1# marques finch

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Pretty dope write up friend! I’m 30 years old, when I was like 4-6 I got stitches in my eye, and afterwards my mom took to toys r us to get a toy, which I was also allowed to get one for my brother. Long story short I got him a darkwing duck action figure (don’t remember anything else about the discription, besides toys r us and early 90’s). It’s his birthday coming up and he’s always said it was the coolest thing iv gotten him(he’s joking… I hope.) any idea which one it was?


    • Hmm, hopefully you got your brother the original Darkwing Duck action figure were you can press the button on his back and his hat jumps up and spins!

      Pretty awesome of you to get a toy for your little brother! Maybe this year you can get him the new Funko Darkwing Duck figure.


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