Was DuckTales 2017 Always Scheduled For Summer 2018?


I just came across this old promo image while updating our new Reviews Page. I have a couple versions of this image from the show’s initial marketing campaign, and I accidentally selected this version from before “Woo-oo!” premiered. In fact… this image may have been when Disney XD first announced the show. I believe this image was the first time we saw DT17’s Launchpad McQuack. I believe this means this image was released before September of 2017, and “COMING THIS SUMMER” would refer to Summer of 2018?

I could be wrong, but I don’t remember DT17 being pushed back from Summer of 2017 to Fall. What do you think? Has DT17 always been planned for Summer of 2018 or am I missing something? Join the conversation below in the Comments or on Twitter.


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