DuckTales #6 Comic Review

Last September we were all introduced to the new iteration of the DuckTales Family, and it wasn’t long after that we began reading their adventures in the comic published by IDW. Seven months have passed and although we’ve gone several of those months without DuckTales 2017 episodes, the comic hasn’t slowed down.

I was a little late picking up my copy of DuckTales #6 this month. But I wanted to make sure I gave these stories a review before the comic disappears from shelves.

This month we have a story by Joey Cavalieri titled “Welcome to Beagle island” and another story by Joe Caramagna titled “The Giant Butterfly of Duckburg.” These are absolutely two of my favorite stories to date. The teams continue to put out great stories that add to the history of DuckTales 2017.

“Welcome to Beagle island” is a fun adventure that includes Scrooge and family squaring off against the Beagle Boys with the fate of Duckburg on the line. We are also treated to the introduction of two more Beagle Boys!

“The Giant Butterfly of Duckburg” has been the story I have been most interested in. The show and comic has made it clear that Huey would be the master Junior Woodchuck of the group, but we haven’t really seen much of the organization other than the Jr Woodchuck Guidebook. That changes with this issue. I was excited to see that Launchpad is in fact Huey’s Junior Woodchuck leader! I was a little disappointed that there was no Doofus in the issue, but seeing Huey and Scrooge bond while on a camping trip makes the story one of my favorites.

This book’s art continues to make me smile. The team does a wonderful job of keeping the characters “on model” while also adding a new layer of expression that is needed in a comic book. Gianfranco Florio, Graziano Barbara, Marco Ghiglione, & Michela Frare provide great art for these stories.

DuckTales #6 is in my opinion the best issue of DuckTales to date, and I can’t wait to see what the team puts out next month. What do you think? What was your favorite part of this issue? What did you think of the new Beagle Boys? Were you looking for Doofus in the Junior Woodchuck story? Join the conversation below or on Twitter.

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