Disney Emoji Blitz Disney Afternoon Item Event (Mar 12-19)

Disney Emoji Blitz is an addicting puzzle match the same character mobile game. Did I mention it is addicting mobile game? The game has a strong fan base, and the game rewards its players with emojis and stickers that can be unlocked and used in your text messaging. Disney Emoji Blitz also has at least two events every month with new unlockable emoji items and Disney character emojis. The events keep players coming back for more.

A highly recommend that you download the game for your mobile device.

This blog entry will talk about the Disney Afternoon emojis. In the August 2017, Disney Emoji Blitz had a Disney Afternoon item event that featured emoji items and characters from Ducktales and Darkwing Duck. The character emojis included Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack, and Darkwing Duck. I have not unlocked Launchpad yet.

Each of these characters have different in game abilities to help you match Disney characters in groups of 3 or more to clear the board to earn points and in game currency that can be used to buy additional emojis.

Here is a small sample of some of the emojis that were unlockable during that Disney Afternoon event in August 2017.

Recently announced is a new Disney Afternoon Disney Emoji Blitz event that runs from March 12-19. From the preview image, it looks like we will be getting Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers character emojis and item emojis.

Will you be playing Disney Emoji Blitz March 12-19 to unlock some Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers emojis? Let us know how you do.

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