Funko Pint Size Heroes Disney Series 2 Review

The pint size heroes vinyl figure line by Funko made its debut in Fall 2016. The launch lineup included Batman, Spider-Man and Steven Universe sets. A Disney Series 1 Pint Size Heroes set was released in March 2017. Disney Series 1 included a base set of 12 figures, 3 Hot Topic exclusives, and 3 very hard to find Walmart exclusives. The following 18 Disney characters made up the lineup for Series 1: Mickey, Minnie, Ariel, Ursula, Beast, Belle, Buzz Lightyear, Pizza Planet Alien, Zurg, Mowgli, Baloo, King Louie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Baby Moana, Moana, and Maui. A Pint Size Heroes Series made up of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs characters and a Nightmare Before Christmas Series were also released in 2017.

Funko released Disney Series 2 Pint Size Heroes on March 1st 2018. Disney Series 2 includes two ducks! Donald and Daisy Duck headline a lineup of 18 new Disney Pint Size Heroes figures. Disney Series 2 includes a base set of 12 figures, 3 Hot Topic exclusives, and 3 Toys R Us exclusives. The following 18 Disney characters made up the lineup for Series 2: Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Wall-e, Eve, Mike Wazowski, Sulley, Boo, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tick-Tock Crocodile, Tinkerbell, Lilo, Stitch, Scrump, Baymax, Armored Baymax, and Hiro.

The Review

I have all of the Pint Size Heroes from Disney Series 1, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the Nightmare Before Christmas Series. So I was naturally already locked in that I needed to get all of Disney Series 2.

Pint Size Heroes come in a case of 24 blind bags. You do not know which character you are going to get unless you have really good feel skills. There are two sets of the 12 base characters in a set so Funko gave us some really great odds of not having to track down any really hard to find characters besides the retail exclusives.

If you are trying to get a whole set, the best way to do that is to buy a full case of 24 packs and split the cost of the case with a friend. You can sometimes find cases cheaper online at retailers that sell Funko products than if you buy the packs individually in the store. Each individual blind bag pack usually range from $3.99-$4.99.

I love the Pint Size Heroes vinyl line because the size of the figures really help for the collectors who don’t have a lot of space. They are also travel size for your convenience. I also love the range of different characters between the two Disney series releases, and we now have 2 Ducks. Donald Duck and Daisy Duck look fantastic in their Pint Size Heroes form. The trick to finding Donald and Daisy Duck in the blind packs is feeling around for their Duck bills and either Donald’s hat or Daisy’s bow. I highly recommend this new Disney Series 2 Pint Size Heroes collection for whether you are picking out your favorite ducks or the whole set.


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