Co-Producer Of DuckTales 2017 Comments On The Hiatus!

We know… we are with you on this. It’s been too long and although “The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest!” may have been another awesome episode, we are past ready for more DuckTales 2017!

Well, it appears that our lack of patience has not gone unnoticed. This past weekend the Co-Producer of DuckTales 2017, Frank Angones, reached out to fans via Twitter. Here’s what he had to say:

Yep, the hiatus is still in full swing… Bummer. Some have started to speculate that DuckTales may not return until March or later, but before you get your tail feathers rustled… Disney XD and DuckTales have not officially announced when the show is returning. Most of us only know that the show is not airing in January because we check the Disney XD programming schedule a couple of times a week (fine, maybe 4 or 5 time!). To the average viewer February might be “a while longer.” So I’m not going to be so quick to jump on the March bandwagon.

What is exciting about this information. Is that Frank states that the reason for the hiatus is two VERRRY cool reasons (quick someone decipher the meaning of those three “R”s!). I’m not sure why the first season would need to be on hiatus this long, but Frank has my attention. He has me wondering what could possibly stop the airing of this show for so long that we would consider cool!

Honestly, the only reason I can come up with is that the next few episodes include the appearances of Darkwing Duck and Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera/Gizmoduck. We are assuming DW will be voiced by Jim Cummings, and the creators have been very open about Lin-Manuel Miranda voicing Fenton. We can only guess how difficult it would be to schedule Miranda’s voice overs, and we know Jim has a Winnie the Pooh project he has been working on.

But Frank wasn’t done yet.

New content! Simple and elaborate, yes sir! I have no idea what Frank may be referring to, but I am on board with The DuckTales crew reaching out to the fan base in any way possible. Hiatuses are normal. Shows always take breaks, but this one has been excruciating. I can’t wait to see what Frank has in mind!

Then he decided to give us a glimpse of things to come.

For me, this might be the most exciting thing they could do right now. The opportunity to get a production “commentary” on the show from Frank Angones and others working on the show would be amazing.

Frank Angones has been known to also share on Tumblr, and not long after his comments on Twitter he answered this question there.

Wait… still working on season one!? It’s surprising to see that season one of DuckTales 2017 isn’t finished yet. This means, not only did Disney renew DuckTales 2017 before it aired, but they renewed it before they saw the end of the first season!!!

So what do you think about Frank Angones’s comments on social media? Are you ready for some interaction with the crew? Why do you think the hiatus is lasting so long? What would you like to see the DuckTales crew do to keep fans excited? And will you be catching the AMA or live tweet?

You can join the conversation in the comments section below or on Twitter at @DuckTalks


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