Character Spotlight – Della Duck


Name: Della Duck

Aliases: Dumbella Duck (Donald’s Nephews 1938), Thelma (Carl Bark’s Duck family tree)

Relatives: Louie Duck (son), Huey Duck (son), Dewey Duck (son), Donald Duck (brother), Hortense McDuck (mother), Quackmore Duck (father), Scrooge McDuck (uncle), Gladstone Gander (cousin)

Occupation: Pilot and Astronaut (1937), Adventurer (DuckTales 2017)

Appearance: Blonde hair (classic comics), white hair (DuckTales 2017), female duck, white feathers

Voice: unknown

Who is Della Duck?

Della Duck was the twin sister of Donald Duck. In the 1930s comics Della sent Donald’s nephews (Louie, Huey, and Dewey) to stay with him because she was a pilot and she could not take care of them without the help of her husband (he was in the hospital for injuries after a firecracker went off under his chair).

After some time, the boys would go back to live with their parents, but they returned to live with Donald when Della was sent on an experimental space flight. Later Donald would adopt them without an explanation of what happened to their parents.

In DuckTales 2017 we are slowly learning about Della Duck. Della is first mentioned in a cliffhanger, and then her story becomes a mystery to be solved in a side story where Dewey is trying to find out what happened to her. We know from the cliffhanger and issues #2 and #3 of the comic that Della adventured with Scrooge and Donald. She was quick on her feet, very smart, and and an excellent fighter.

Frank Angones has said that Della and Donald are twins in DuckTales 2017.


What happened to Della Duck?

What was the Spear of Selene? Is it a spear, a mythical spear, or a space ship!?



“Old Monteplumage Had A Chicken!”

“A Viking At My Door!”

“Cheating Like Nostadogmus!”

“Beware Of The Phenomenal Pumpkin People!”



In DuckTales 2017 Della is first mentioned in a grand cliffhanger moment at the end of the premiere episode. The family is tidying up Scrooge McDuck’s garage after their adventures left it a mess, when Dewey returns to a ripped painting he had seen earlier in the episode. The painting was of one of Scrooge and Donald’s adventures. When Dewey pushes up the torn part of the painting it reveals a third, white Duck in an aviator’s outfit, and the episode ends with Dewey asking, “Mom?”

“The Great Dime Chase!”

In the fourth episode of DuckTales 2017, Dewey reaches out to Webby (who has said she studies the McDuck family) to learn more about his mother. Webby is unable to provide him useful information, but she tells Dewey they should visit the McDuck Family Archives at Scrooge’s Money Bin. After convincing the Archive’s protector to help them, Dewey and Webby find a room dedicated to Della Duck. Unfortunately, all they find is a note, presumed to be written by Della that’s says she was sorry for taking the Spear of Selene. Viewers may have remembered that reference from an argument between Donald and Scrooge in the second half of the pilot episode (“Woo-oo!”). This revelation leads Dewey to believe his mother betrayed Scrooge and he asks Webby to keep it a secret until they find out more.

“The Spear of Selene!”

In the tenth episode of season one of DuckTales the family find themselves stuck on the island of the Greek gods, Ithaquack. Dewey and Webby search the Temple of Heroes for clues about Della. While Donald is reacquainted with an old friend we find out that Donald may believe his sister to be dead. Dewey and Webby argue over whether Della’s note about the Spear of Selene meant she betrayed her family. They then find the goddess Selene, learn she was best friends with Della, and that Della cared too deeply about her family to betray them.

A Closer Look At Della’s Room In The McDuck Archives

*Thanks to Discord user WeirdChillFever for these images and conversations about Della’s Room in our Discord Chat.

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