Character Spotlight – Duckworth


Name: Duckworth

Aliases: None

Relatives: Jasper (brother / 1980s DuckTales)

Occupation: Scrooge McDuck’s Butler / Chauffeur (1980s DuckTales)

Appearance: “Don’t Give Up The Ship” (1980’s DuckTales)

Voice: Chuck McCann (1980s DuckTales) Unknown “fantastic” voice actor (DuckTales 2017)

Who is Duckworth?

In the 1980s DuckTales, Duckworth was well-known for being Scrooge McDuck’s no nonsense butler and chauffeur. Duckworth was one of Scrooge’s hardest working employees and was the sole caretaker of the mansion before Mrs. Beakley was hired to help with the nephews.

Duckworth has yet to appear in an episode of DuckTales 2017… however Frank Angones has insisted that the show has already debuted it’s version of the fan-favorite character. To date, fans still can’t find him…


One of the greatest mysteries of DuckTales 2017 is; “Where is Duckworth?” We would probably assume that he isn’t in the show but Co-Producer Frank Angones insists not only that Duckworth will be in the show, but that he has already been in animation!


We do not yet have a listing of every episode in which Duckworth has appeared in DuckTales 2017…

Unknown Future Episode

Disney XD posted a video of a scene from a future episode of DuckTales. We will not go into details of the scene because they pulled it (we don’t want to ruin anything), but we can confirm that either a reflection or painting/picture of Duckworth was in the animation. In the short seconds that we see the image there appears to be a frame around him and he doesn’t move. This leads us to two possible conclusions.

  1. This is a painting/picture of Scrooge McDuck’s butler dusting a painting/picture of Scrooge McDuck.
  2. This is a mirror that is breaking the fourth wall and showing us a glimpse of the camera shy butler. However, he realized his reflection was in the “shot” and he froze…

What do we know about Duckworth!?

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