Dynamite Comics Gargoyles #2 Review

One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness, it was
a world of fear, It was the age of Gargoyles.

We are again in the Age of Gargoyles…comics.

The day that Gargoyles fans have patiently waiting for has finally arrived. We live again!

Today, we will take a look at Gargoyles #2 published by Dynamite Comics.

Release Date: January 25th, 2023.

Writer: Greg Weisman

Artist: George Kambadais

Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry

Editor: Nate Cosby

Main Covers by: David Nakayama, Amanda Conner, Lucio Parrillo, Leirix, Jae Lee, Tony Fleecs, Trish Forstner, George Kambadais

Gargoyles #2 (Cover by David Nakayama)

Official Synopsis: All-new ongoing series, in continuity with the epic GARGOYLES television classic!

The Gargoyles have awakened from their stone sleep – but will it be in time to save Maggie the Cat and her unborn mutate child from Thailog and Sevarius? Plus, don’t miss the return of Dominic Dracon!

My Review

Just like Gargoyles #1, comic book shops were packed with variant covers for the latest issue of Gargoyles. My favorite cover artist for the Dynamite Comics Gargoyles series is definitely David Nakayama. His specific cover for each Gargoyles issue is what I have listed in my local comic book shop’s pull list.

Since I am an action figure collector, I have also decided to collect the Action Figure variant comic covers from this Gargoyles series. Angela graces the cover of Gargoyles #2.

Gargoyles #2 Action Figure Variant


We are defenders of the night. We are Gargoyles.

The “Here in Manhattan” story that started out in Gargoyles #1 continues with Chapter Two: IDYLL Or Nightmare.

Talon and Maggie are not the only ones expecting a newborn as Brooklyn and Katana have an egg of their own in the rookery.

We get to see Demona for the first time in this comic series in a quick comic pane from an Angela flashback. Demona is my favorite Gargoyle, and I loved seeing her in George Kambadais’ art style. I am impatiently anticipating an epic David Nakayama Demona cover for a future issue.

Dominic Dracon has been released from Bellevue Hospital due to an act of fake dementia. He is picked up by his granddaughter, Antoinette Dracon. Dino Dracon is set to get out of prison tomorrow which has everyone uneasy as he will definitely cause havoc on Manhattan.

A very pregnant Maggie the Cat is taken along with her caretaker Mary. David Xanatos gets blamed as the most obvious suspect because it definitely sounds like a card that Xanatos would play. We know that Thailog is the big baddie behind Maggie’s disappearance. Talon goes on a furious rampage after Xanatos, but we will have to wait until the next issue to see if David is an ally or foe…at least in this very specific case. It never gets old reading David Xanatos dialogue in Jonathan Frakes voice.

I was hoping for an epic Goliath vs. Thailog action scene, but Thailog was only on one page of this issue. I can tell that Greg Weisman is building the Thailog tension for more Thailog in next week’s issue.

This issue was another great GargoyleTale that felt authentically and artistically like a continuation episode of the classic Gargoyles animated series. Weisman and Kambadais are crushing all Eyrie Tower high expectations for this Gargoyles comic series.

There is a two page article that features an interview with Greg Weisman (writer) and George Kambadais (artist) at the back of the book. Readers also get to check out some Goliath and Bronx character design art by George Kambadais.

We get a cover gallery that shows all of the covers from Gargoyles #2. There are thirty-one different variation of covers for Gargoyles #2. I was able to use self control and just add the David Nakayama Cover A and Angela Action figure covers to my collection. I hope my fellow Gargoyles fans are loving their cover selections.

Disney Afternoon fans are going to love that all of the ads at the back of this issue are specifically catered to them. There is an ad for Gargoyles #3, Darkwing Duck #2, Darkwing Duck #1 (1991 Facsimile), and Gargoyles # 1 (1995 Facsimile). These are definitely my kind of ads. Fans of the Gargoyles comic should definitely pick up Darkwing Duck and vice versa.

I can’t wait for the next issue of Gargoyles which will be tentatively released February 22nd, 2023.

Gargoyles fans…WE LIVE AGAIN!

Let us know what you thought of Gargoyles #2 in the comments below. What cover(s) did you get?

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