“The World of Disney Mirrorverse” Review!

Mobile games can be fun distractions. I’ve played many mobile games over the years from “Snakes” on my Nokia brick phone to the recent game by Kabam titled Disney Mirrorverse. Along the way there have been a few games that I have enjoyed beyond just a distraction. You’ve heard us talk about some of these games, and you’ve maybe heard or watched us discuss them over the past five years.

Disney Mirrorverse is one of those games. I will admit I did not jump on this game soon enough. I remember being both excited and intrigued by the early images that we saw. I remember signing up for the launch email, but when it came I was very deep into another mobile game and didn’t believe I had the time to split between them. I was right, of course, but I really wish I had taken the time to try out Mirroverse early on. When my friend Patrick, @PostItPat, messaged me one day asking if I was playing he convinced me to download the game and give it a try. I quickly realized my mistake, and over the course of a few weeks all of my time moved from the previous game to Disney Mirrorverse.

The game has been a lot of fun, and I wish I had more time to dedicate to it. The designs and game play are unlike other mobile games out there. The designs are so cool McFarlane toys has put out a line of toys based on the game maker’s designs. The designs do draw you in, but it’s the gameplay that has held my attention. If you haven’t tried the game, I highly recommend it, and look for “Glomgold Industries” when you are ready to join an Alliance.

When we found out Dark Horse Books would be publishing an art book for the game I was pretty excited. Many of the design elements are intriguing and some of the directions the designers took deserve some explanation. An opportunity to learn more about the development of this game was an opportunity that I could not pass up. Full disclosure I was provided a digital copy of the book for review. I want to thank Dark Horse Books for providing a copy for review, and I hope you take the time to read my thoughts.

I’ve seen some video and images of the physical book online, and it appears to be a good size. It is 248 pages of content. The book itself measures roughly 9″ by 12″ closed. The retail price of this book is $49.99 which in my opinion falls into line with most art books of it’s caliber. I personally do not collect art books and own a total of two. If you collect art books, and you are a fan of this game (of if you are a huge fan of the game) this book will most likely bring you enjoyment worth the price of admission.

The book was written by Jonathan Gray and published by Dark Horse Books. I did enjoy Jonathan’s descriptions of the creators processes and intentions with their designs. The book has four chapters detailing different aspects of Mirrorverse’s designs and backstory. Chapter One introduces the reader to the world of the Mirrorverse. Chapter Two makes up the bulk of the book. It details information on each of the Guardians. In Disney Mirrorverse your playable characters are called Guardians. These Guardians are newly envisioned versions of Disney and Pixar characters. Each character’s spotlight begins with a full page image detailing their powers, stats, and abilities within the game. Jonathan includes details on the original origins of each character, and a little about what makes them different in the Mirrorverse. Then each character entry devotes a couple of pages to the design process of that character, sometimes focusing on what made it into the finished designs and sometimes focusing on what was not used.

The details behind the creation of these unique designs makes up the bulk of this book, and it will garner interest from every fan of the game. I like reading how the details of the world created in the Mirrorverse impacted the decisions made both in the appearance of these characters and their abilities. Each entry also includes a lot of artwork. You get some finished images of each character showing off their final designs that were used in the game, and you get preproduction drawings that were used in the design process. These range from slight modification to very different takes on the characters. It is interesting in this game how some character’s appearance was influenced by their backstory, how some of their abilities came out of their appearance, and how the backstories were tweaked when a design was settled on. The team was very open to allowing the art process to guide the development of the Guardians.

The majority of the book covers the Guardians, but “The World of Disney Mirrorverse” also spends time on the game’s enemies. The Fractured are evil mirror versions of familiar Disney Villains and of the game’s Guardians. They are invading the various lands of the Mirroverse, and they are the foes you must defeat as you level and rank up your Guardians. Speaking of lands the book also devotes twenty plus pages to the Mirrorverse’s level designs.

As a fan of the game, this book was a fun an interesting read. I enjoyed learning about many of the design decisions, and I love looking over the character artwork that tells the story of how these phenomenal character designs came to be. If you enjoy Disney Mirrorverse I have no doubt you will enjoy reading through this book.

Grab your copy of “the World of Disney Mirroverse” from your local comic shop, book store, or online. If you are going to purchase from Amazon I have a link for you that supports DuckTalks at no additional cost to you. The World of Disney Mirrorverse

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