Super7 Disney Ultimates Robin Hood Review

Super7’s Disney Ultimates Wave 2 has been released right in time for the 2022 holiday season. Wave 2 was originally revealed way back in May of 2021. The four main characters in this wave are Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland), Robin Hood (Robin Hood), and Hyacinth Hippo (Fantasia).

Our super friends at Super7 sent over their Disney Ultimates Wave 2 for us to showcase on the blog.

Prince John was overwhelmingly the favorite figure from fans of the first wave of Super7 Disney Ultimates. Prince John was the statement character to let Disney fans know that Super7 was not going to be making figures for all of the mainstream popular characters. They were going to dive deep into the Disney Vault. Robin Hood fans were delighted that characters from the movie were finally going to get some cool merchandise, and Prince John in the lineup was definitely an unexpected delightful surprise. We also got two bonus character accessory figures of Sir Hiss in that Prince John package. Disney fans immediately questioned why Robin Hood was also not included in Super7 Disney Ultimates Wave 1. We now know that was because Robin Hood was planned for Wave 2. For today’s blog, we will take a look at Robin Hood from Robin Hood (1973) which will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary in 2023.


The Super7 Ultimates figures boxes come packaged in a brown box to protect the main box presentation. This is a really great service from Super7, especially for in box collectors. Super7 has a fine attention to detail in their figure’s boxes that it would be a shame for the box to get damaged during shipping.

The main presentation of the Super7 Disney Ultimates Robin Hood box has a iridescent themed embossed foil slipcover with the name of the film, Robin Hood, in the center. The slipcover features a tree with arrows that have been shot into it.

When you slide the slipcover off, the figure and a few of the accessories are visible from the window packaging. I am not an in box collector, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to keep the figure in this detailed box.

The sides of the box features the tent design and flag banners from Prince John’s archery tournament.

The back of the box has a description about Robin Hood.

A cunning and righteous outlaw turned hero. As a master of both archery and disguise, he – along with his trusted sidekick Little John – are determined to put a stop to the greedy Prince John and his beloved taxes on the poor. He is Nottingham’s only hope for justice.

The package insert is a target from Prince John’s archery tournament.

Robin Hood


This is a Super7 Ultimates figure. The expectation is that this is the ultimate figure of this character and that it is loaded with all essential accessories.

There are three different Robin Hood head sculpts which were all easy to swap. We get a traditional smiling face head sculpt, and a close call arrow through the hat surprised head sculpt. That arrow that almost had Robin’s name on it actually occurs in the opening scene when Little John and Robin Hood are running through the forest being chased by the Sheriff of Nottingham and his posse of wolf archers. The third really unique head sculpt is for an alternate storm disguise that Robin Hood wears so that he can participate in Prince John’s championship archery tournament.

We get two pairs of alternate hands that are made for shooting arrows with Robin’s bow and arrow.

Speaking of Robin’s archery addiction, we get his bow, an arrow, and a sheath of arrows.

It took me a few attempts to get Robin balanced for his archery pose that imagine most fans will try to achieve as the preferred display pose for this figure.

The winner of Prince John’s archery tournament receives a golden arrow.

This figure pack comes with “almost” a complete set of alternate parts to put together Robin Hook’s stork disguise. I say almost because you will need to use the torso piece from your Robin Hood figure to put Robin in his stork disguise.

It is impossible to naturally balance the Robin Hood figure on those two skinny stork legs. There are no peg holes in the boots to stick the figure on a circular peg display base as well as no included display stand to assist with the figure standing. I decided to use some putty on the bottom of his boots which worked well.

Note: I am using putty on his boots to get the character to stand without falling.

It was a brilliant idea for the stork costume accessories to give Robin an alternate look. It is just too bad that we are one piece away from having two complete figures of standard Robin Hood and Robin in his stork disguise. Most people will display Robin in his standard hero look, but it would have been a great value add to have an additional Robin torso for the stork costume.

This is probably what it looked like behind the scenes when Robin Hood was getting ready for the championship archery competition with his stork disguise. I had to see it, and now you have seen it too.

After a Robin Hood rewatch, there are three other disguises that Robin Hood wears in the film. Robin dresses up as a gypsy, a poor blind beggar, and one of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s vulture henchmen. Super7 definitely picked the best of Robin’s four disguises for this figure release. Robin Hood’s little bunny friend Skippy would have made a great bonus character accessory.

Super7 Figure Groupings

Super7 Disney Ultimates Robin Hood figure group, let’s take a smiling picture.

Now let’s do a silly face picture.

Where to Buy?

The Super7 Disney Ultimates figures from Wave 2 retail for $54.99. Robin Hood is currently available to order at the link below. You can get FREE SHIPPING with code DUCKTALKS.

Order: Super7 Disney Ultimates Robin Hood

*By purchasing from Entertainment Earth through our affiliate links above you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

Final Thoughts


Robin Hood looks especially great when displayed next to Prince John and Sir Hiss. I still can’t believe that Super made Robin Hood a priority for the launch of the Disney Ultimates line. I definitely believe that they will continue to add additional characters from the movie like Little John, Maid Marian, Alan-A-Dale, Friar Tuck, a Rhino Guard, and the Sheriff of Nottingham as more waves roll out. A Robin Hood collection of figures still seems like an impossible dream that has come true.

Even with some of this figure release’s short comings with the stork costume, this Robin Hood figure has a major fun factor for Disney fans. This figure along with the Prince John and Sir Hiss release from Super7 Disney is a great way to celebrate Robin Hood’s 50th anniversary in 2023.

Super7 Disney Ultimates Robin Hood with a Disney Lorcana Robin Hood card

Another super thanks shout out to our friends at Super7 for allowing us to showcase the Disney Ultimates product line on our blog.

Don’t forget to follow @super7store for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.

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