Super7 Disney Ultimates Hyacinth Hippo Review

Super7’s Disney Ultimates Wave 2 has been released right in time for the 2022 holiday season. Wave 2 was originally revealed way back in May of 2021. The four main characters in this wave are Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland), Robin Hood (Robin Hood), and Hyacinth Hippo (Fantasia).

Our super friends at Super7 sent over their Disney Ultimates Wave 2 for us to showcase on the blog.

For today’s blog, we will take a look at Hyacinth Hippo. Hyacinth Hippo starred in the Dance of the Hours segment from Fantasia. Out of all of the figures for this Disney Ultimates wave, Hyacinth Hippo was the biggest surprise character that was announced. Super7 is known for making unique characters that don’t have a lot of collectibles or merch, and Hyacinth Hippo definitely checks that box.


The Super7 Ultimates figures boxes come packaged in a brown box to protect the main box presentation. This is a really great service from Super7, especially for in box collectors. Super7 has a fine attention to detail in their figure’s boxes that it would be a shame for the box to get damaged during shipping.

The main presentation of Hyacinth Hippo’s box has a themed iridescent embossed foil slipcover with the name of the film, Fantasia, in the center. The slipcover features bright colors of yellow and pink to match her ballerina tutus.

Fantasia premiered on November 13th in 1940. The musical masterpiece celebrated it’s 80th anniversary milestone in 2020. A Fantasia 80 years sticker is attached to the top left corner of the box.

When you slide the slipcover off, the figure and a few of the accessories are visible from the window packaging. Hyacinth Hippo is huge! You are going to read me saying that a lot in this review. If Police Chief Martin Brody from Amity Island was here, he would tell us “You are going to need a bigger box.” I am not an in box collector, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to keep the figure in this detailed box.

The sides of the box feature broken pillars and bubbles as seen in the Dance of the Hours segment of Fantasia.

The back of the box has a description about Hyacinth Hippo.

The graceful lead ballerina. After her midday number, she lays to nap, leaving her beauty – and perhaps elegant tutu – to catch the eye of the now-captivated Ben Ali Gator, who is relentless in his attempt to woo her.

The package insert is the bathing pond that Hyacinth Hippo emerges from when she arrives on the scene in Dance of the Hours.

Hyacinth Hippo

The Super7 Disney Ultimates Hyacinth Hippo stands just shy of 8 inches tall. She is definitely the tallest figure in the Super7 Disney Ultimates series so far. She also will fill a space by 7 to 9 inches wide depending on how you position her arms.

Hyacinth Hippo is big and beautiful. I mean she really is humungous, and because of her size the articulation is a little limited, but you can still balance her and get her in some really fun poses for your display. There are holes in the bottom of the ballerina slippers if you need to attach a stand (not included) for extra support. She can even balance on one foot.


This is a Super7 Ultimates figure. The expectation is that this is the ultimate figure of this character and that it is loaded with all essential accessories.

This Hyacinth Hippo figure release does not disappoint on accessories and alternate display options.

There are three different hippo head sculpts. All three head sculpts are very different and expressive. My favorite is the mouth closed with the “you don’t want to challenge me to a dance off” expression. Another reason why that head sculpt is my favorite is because it is the default one for the figure when you are taking it out of the packaging. That head sculpt was the easiest one to swap out among the three. There was a lot of frustration and heat application needed to get the other two head sculpts to cooperate. head swapping frustration aside, it is great to have three unique head sculpt options included for updating your figure displays every now and then.

The lead dancing hippo in Dance of the Hours wears a yellow ballerina tutu with matching yellow ballerina slippers. All of the backup dancing entourage hippos in the segment have pink tutus with matching pink ballerina slippers. Both matching outfits complete with soft goods fabric tutu are included in this release so that you have the option to take the lead or be pretty in pink. The Hyacinth Hippo that makes a cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit wears yellow.

Putting new shoes or ballerina slippers on a hippo sounds about a fun as you can probably imagine with a mighty tight fit. Hyacinth Hippo is no Cinderella. The first fitting of the pink slippers was definitely a struggle. The shoes did not go on as easy as I would have liked. Patience is a virtue that you must possess. The slippers became much easier to swap on every attempt afterwards. Which look do you prefer yellow or pink?

There are ten different hand options to choose from. The hands are all easy to swap out on the figure. Three of the pairs of hands are just slightly different from one another. The hand at the end of the pic below is good for gripping an item.

Gripping items like the included mirror for the dancing diva to glance upon her royal hotness.

Two of the alternate hands are holding the two other essential Hyacinth Hippo accessories. We get a hippo hand holding a cluster of grapes. The grapes are perfect to display with the Hyacinth Hippo head with the wide open mouth.

Another alternate hand holds a makeup case that can open up to reveal a powder puff to powder Hyacinth Hippo’s nose. She has to make sure that she looks good for all of her adoring fans.

I really do appreciate accessories that are attached to the hand and take away any frustration of trying to get the figure to hold the item accessory on it’s own. I had no trouble in swapping out any of these holding accessory hippo hands.

From doing a Fantasia rewatch on Disney+ of the Dance of the Hours segment, I can validate that this really is the ultimate Hyacinth Hippo. Hyacinth does look in a mirror, powder her nose, and eat some grapes. At one point she relaxes on a nice curvy couch, but the couch as an accessory would have needed it’s own box due to the size of the figure.

Super7 Disney Ultimates figures from Wave 1 and 2 have included small sidekick characters as an accessory. The inclusion of a bonus secondary character is always a great value add and always appreciated. Hyacinth Hippo does not include an extra character since the box was already full but also because the Dance of the Hours segment in Fantasia had no small characters. The segment is full of large hippos, alligators, elephants, and ostriches. Hyacinth Hippo’s dancing alligator partner, Ben Ali Gator will be released as a figure in Super7 Disney Ultimates Wave 3.

Super7 Figure Groupings

Through only two waves of Disney Ultimates, Super7 is putting together a fun collection of characters from Walt Disney’s Fantasia. I can hear the music just looking at the Fantasia figure assortment with at least one more figure from Fantasia coming from a future wave. I wouldn’t mind a Yensid Super7 Disney Ultimates figure.

It is hard to imagine a character being a bigger diva and loving themself as much as Prince John from Super7Disney Ultimates Wave 1, but Hyacinth Hippo is definitely larger than life in her world and ours. These are also the two largest Disney Ultimates figures released so far.

Where to Buy?

The Super7 Disney Ultimates figures from Wave 2 retail for $54.99. Hyacinth Hippo is currently available to order at the link below. You can get FREE SHIPPING with code DUCKTALKS.

Order: Super7 Disney Ultimates Hyacinth Hippo

If you order Hyacinth Hippo, you are definitely going to want to pair her up with her dance partner Ben Ali Gator which will be included in Super7 Disney Ultimates Wave 3.

Preorder: Super7 Disney Ultimates Ben Ali Gator

*By purchasing from Entertainment Earth through our affiliate links above you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

Final Thoughts

The Super7 Disney Ultimates figure demands and owns the ultimate shelf presence when displayed in your collection. This is my favorite figure from the first two waves of Disney Ultimates because it is just so random when you think of 100 years of magical Disney characters to choose from. I would have loved to have been in the room at the Super7 offices when they were brainstorming characters to be made and someone said Hyacinth Hippo. This figure turning out as well as it did makes me really excited for Ben Ali Gator’s figure release in Super7 Disney Ultimates Wave 3.

The head swaps are definitely going to frustrate you. Just make sure to take a deep breath and use a hair dryer to heat up the head hole and neck ball peg joint…also be patient and gentle. She is a lady.

If you want a hippopotamus for Christmas, Hyacinth is your hippo. If you happen to build an army of Hyacinth Hippo yellow and pink tutu dancing ballerinas, I really want to see pics of that army.

Another super thanks shout out to our friends at Super7 for allowing us to showcase the Disney Ultimates product line on our blog.

Super7 Supersize Ebenezer Scrooge w/ Super7 Disney Ultimates Hyacinth Hippo

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  1. What a fun and unusual character to come out of this. Glad her partner is coming, too. 🐊 Though, instead of Yensid, I’d rather see an ostrich dancer included as well! 🩰 Thanks for another fair review! 😊

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