Beast Kingdom D-Stage: Snow White and Queen Grimhilde Review

In the December of 1937, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiered at the Carthay Circle Theatre, forever changing the trajectory of animation and cinema as we know it. With Disney now preparing a live-action adaptation for spring of 2024, Snow White and company show no signs of giving up their 85-year-old foothold in pop culture.

Beast Kingdom’s booth at the 2022 D23 Expo

With characters that are so timeless, the process of creating memorabilia that feels equally iconic is certainly a daunting task. Fortunately, our friends at Beast Kingdom are up to the challenge with some of their latest D-Stage Designs. We were able to visit the Beast Kingdom booth at D23 and got the chance to check out their con exclusive D-stage two pack, featuring Snow White and Queen Grimhilde. Fear not, however, because while the exclusive sports some unique features, there are equally stunning versions of both figures available on Beast Kingdom’s website.


Right out of the gates, most Disney fans’ eyes will instantly gravitate to the lower right of this packaging. While the infamous Evil Queen has been referred to by several names over the years, I can’t recall the last time I saw her referred to as “Queen Grimhilde” in an official capacity. It’s a pretty unique detail that makes this set stand out.

While each of these figures is worthy of a display spot by themselves, the two pack shows how well these figures play off one another when displayed side-by-side. Fortunately, the Magic Mirror leaves it up to you decide which one is the fairest.

There are even details within the packaging once both figures have been removed. The parallel silhouettes and the icons amongst the bottom all help to tell the story. Even the shape of the trees, as well as the subtle color shift, show how different these two characters are.

Snow White

You can almost hear the singing as you look at this Snow White sculpt. Resting on a log and serenading her forest friends, this statue frames Snow White as the quintessential Disney princess. To balance out all that sweetness, Beast Kingdom included a less-than-enthused Grumpy. The expression and pose of his sculpt is certainly worthy of the name (Though we all know he secretly likes being included.)

As it turns out, the inclusion of Grumpy is a convention exclusive. The standard version replaces the sculpted Grumpy with Dopey. Whichever version you choose, the other 6 dwarfs are still represented in the background. While Grumpy is the most obvious change to the convention exclusive, Snow White also sports a glossier coat of paint to her dress.

Queen Grimhilde

Looming tall with her flowing cape, the Queen is a stark contrast to Snow White’s statue, and her character is captured perfectly here. Of course, she too is not alone on her statue, as she is accompanied by the Magic Mirror. The attention to detail is fantastic, from the poisoned apple, to the textured floor, to the queen’s dour expression.

Similar to Snow White, the convention exclusive features a glossy paint job for Queen Grimhilde’s dress, giving her a little extra pop, while at the same time never clashing with the rest of the scene. It’s a subtle touch that makes these versions feel special, yet one that shouldn’t make anyone unable to attend the convention feel left out.

Story Book Diorama Series

Each figure sports an elevated base with the movie’s logo, a staple to Beast Kingdom’s D-Stage series. While these will look right at home next to fellow D-Stage figures (even those outside the Disney family), these particular D-Stage figures are part of a subset collection called the Story Book series. As the name implies, these figures each look as if the characters are literally stepping out of their respective storybooks. While the three-dimensional elements of each statue certainly steal the show, the backgrounds of each book are also well printed and compliment the sculpts nicely. The backside of each book is finely textured and detailed, making them look like actual leather-bound books. I have to imagine these would make a pretty stunning display when paired with even more princesses and villains from the Story Book series, like Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, and Ursula.

Where to Buy?

The 2022 D23 Expo Snow White and Queen Grimhilde box set was exclusive to the expo. The standard D-Stage figures of these classic figures from the full length animated film that started it all are available to purchase at Entertainment Earth and the links below:

Disney Story Book Series Snow White D-Stage DS-117

Disney Story Book Series Evil Queen Grimhilde D-Stage DS-118

*By purchasing from Entertainment Earth through our affiliate links above you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

Final Thoughts

In summation, Beast Kingdom has packed a ton of charm into these statues, making a perfect collectible for any Disney fan. Coming in at about 6 inches tall, these figures bring character to any bookshelf or counter without taking up much space. I’m genuinely excited to see where Beast Kingdom takes this line next. Of course, you can follow along too, @beast_kingdom .

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