The Mouse Watch in Space Book Review

Their mission: Save the world

You’ve met the Watch.

Now follow them where no mouse has gone before.

The Mouse Watch is a series of books written by J.J. Gilbert that takes place in the same universe as Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. Gadget Hackwrench started the Mouse Watch after her Rescue Rangers years. With the Mouse Watch, Gadget is really able to extend her inventions and skills to her fullest potential. Although Gadget is the leader of the Mouse Watch, the real stars of the book series are Bernie Skampersky and Jarvis Slinktail.

The Mouse Watch small but mighty team of Bernie and Jarvis have been sent on world saving missions to New York and Underwater. In their next big adventure, Bernie and Jarvis are rocketed into Space. If we are playing Horizon rules, then the desert is next…right? That was an 80s Epcot joke. You had to be there to get that one.

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The Mouse Watch in Space was released in May 2022. Let’s blast off and talk about The Mouse Watch in Space. Do see what I did there?

The following book review, that will start below the book’s cover, may include some minor spoiler details.

Bernie and Jarvis are fresh off of their successful underwater mission of securing the Milk Saucer. The Milk Saucer is an energy source that could save or destroy the world. Luckily, the energy did not fall into the R.A.T.S. organization’s paws. The two Mouse Watch agents have been promoted to Level 2 status, and now Gadget Hackwrench has plans to send Bernie and Jarvis to space to activate the Milk Saucer on a powerful satellite to help reverse global warming.

Bernie has major anxiety to go into space, and Jarvis being a sci-fi nut could not be more excited. Bernie gets more relaxed by the idea of the space assignment during her space training, and from talking to Commander “Sleek” Sleekwhisker. Sleek is a hamster who has been on many successful space missions. There is even a G-Force gerbil joke. Commander Sleekwhisker joins Bernie and Jarvis on their important mission to space in their space craft, the USS Mozzarella.

I am not going into every detail because I want you to experience the journey and the mouse aliens yourself, but I will tell you that the R.A.T.S. are back to compromise the mission. The leader of the R.A.T.S. organization, Kryptos, emerges from the shadows as foreshadowed by the previous two book’s epilogues. This is the coming of Thanos on a rat sized level. Why are the rats against stopping global warming?

It is not known if there are future books in The Mouse Watch series, but the ending and epilogue does leave the mouse sized door open for other world saving missions. If this book is the final book in the series, I do like how the trilogy flowed with Kryptos being the behind the scenes main villain in the first two books and finally emerged as the front and center mastermind threat in the third book. I still think Dr. Thornpaw from the first book was the most terrifying of the villains from the series.

The Mouse Watch in Space is 215 pages of a not so small but mighty adventure to a galaxy far, far away in which author J.J. Gilbert did not have to make a single Star Wars joke or reference. I couldn’t even make it through this review without throwing a Star Wars reference in there. The book also includes a few illustrations from J.J. Gilbert who spent over thirty years as an animated cartoonist.

Monterey Jack makes a surprise cameo in the book. Gadget, Chip, Dale, and now Monterey Jack have all shown up in the first three books of The Mouse Watch. Zipper has not yet made an appearance yet which in my mind is a good enough reason for another book.

The recommended reading age demographic for this book is 8-12. I am 41, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all three books in the series. I have always loved the idea of the Disney Afternooniverse. This book extends the Rescue Rangers world in that universe. So I highly recommend The Mouse Watch book series for Rescue Rangers fans. Even without the references to the rodents from my childhood, the Bernie and Jarvis characters are solid new characters that are worthy of their own series on Disney+.

The Mouse Watch in Space can be ordered it the link below:

The Mouse Watch in Space (Amazon)

The Rescue Rangers are having a huge year if you haven’t noticed. The Disney Afternoon classic series finally debuted on Blu-Ray earlier this year, and the mega hit Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers landed on Disney+ the same week as this book’s release. That is called synergy.

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