The Art Of DuckTales Incoming!

DuckMerch Alert!

I woke up to a firestorm of texts from Pirate Steven this morning. He had news of a product that has been on our wishlist of DuckTales merchandise since before the show ended season one. An art book dedicated to DuckTales 2017.

Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed finding art from the crew of the series. We’ve seen some of the early concept designs, we’ve seen storyboards, we’ve seen production images, we’ve seen backgrounds, and we’ve seen stills from the animation teams. Each time I find myself going over one of the images my mind always reminds me that I need to put them into a collective folder to enjoy. Now that monumental task may no longer be necessary!

The announcement of the project came by our social media via Ken Plume’s tweet signaling that a project he had spent two years on was finally out there and he could talk about it.

As a book collector this kind of merchandise is more in line with what I am excited to get. I loved the figures and the plush, but the day of playing with toys has passed for me (no offense for those who still enjoy them. Mine just collect dust on a shelf). Sure I enjoy the times when I can sit and stare at the figures and collectibles, but the merch I really get excited about are books with new stories or stories I don’t know yet. I enjoy media releases like the podcasts and physical media. If DuckTales Season 1-3 were announced this week I would need to sell plasma or something, but I’m getting in on that preorder!

An art book is something I will enjoy pouring over for years. I hope to collect some signatures on/in, and I plan on enjoying it with my family.

Ken Plume has been a DuckTales fan from the beginning. It has not been abnormal over the past few years to find him celebrating the show on social media. The book is being published by Dark Horse Comics. A few hours later Co-Executive Producer of DuckTales chimed in with some insight as to where the project may have originated.

As for the book itself, it will be available in both a standard and deluxe edition. The standard edition is a 200 page book published by Dark Horse Comics. The deluxe edition appears to include a Scrooge painting slipcover, a DuckTales Guidebook (cover designed to replicate the JWG from the show) and a #1 Dime replica.

In Ken’s tweet he said the deluxe comes with more material, and Frank went on to say;

The standard edition retails for $49.99 and the deluxe is currently listed as $99.99. The listing on Amazon says the release date is October 4th, 2022. Keep in mind the product comes with Amazon’s Pre Order Price Guarantee. You will pay Amazon’s lowest price between your preorder and the item shipping.

If this announcement is your sort of thing (and let’s face it; it is) you can check out the link for Ken’s Patreon and order a copy of either the Standard or Deluxe Editions by using his links. If you would rather support your local comic shop they can order it for you!

EDIT! Check out this preorder coupon for 25% off!


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