Darkwing Duck Reboot Teased on Disney+ Day

Disney+ posted a teaser poster for the new Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers movie that will be coming to Disney+ in Spring 2022.

The Rescue Rangers are not the only Super Sleuths. There are two teases on this poster for the long rumored Darkwing Duck reboot.

Behind the small Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers script, you can see a script for another show that starts with “DARKW”.

There is also a yellow post it note on the laptop that lists a reminder for a “DWD Reboot Call”.

These two teases are our first official confirmations from Disney that a Darkwing Duck reboot is coming. Hopefully more official news and a trailer will be coming soon.



    • If anything, I hope Chris Diamantopoulos voices Darkwing. He did an amazing job in the DuckTales 2017 reboot. Heck, I hope this reboot is a continuation of an already perfect established storyline.

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      • We loved what DT17 did with DWD, but everything we know about this project indicates it is not a continuation of what was created by Disney Television Animation. It is believed this project is by a different production company.


      • I’d rather they just continue Aaron Sparrow’s wonderful Darkwing Duck comic, but he’s pretty much confirmed by now that’s never happening. Also, I still say they should keep Jim Cummings as DW’s voice since he’s still alive and willing to reprise his role.


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