New Gargoyles Merch Preorders

This year is definitely the best year for Gargoyles merch announcements with product releases by Ravensburger, QMx, NECA, and Beast Kingdom. You can see all of the previous Gargoyles product announcements here.


Kidrobot announced that they will be releasing a Goliath plush in their Phunny Plush product line.

This plush is 7.5 inches of adorableness. So far Goliath is the only gargoyle figure announced, but hopefully it sells well so other gargoyles can be released.

Order: Kidrobot Gargoyles Goliath Phunny Plush


Quantum Mechanix announced that Lexington and Bronx will be joining Goliath and Demona as the next two releases in the Gargoyles Q-Fig series. All of the Gargoyles Q-Figs are going to look amazing next to each other.

Order: Lexington Q-Fig

Order: Bronx Q-Fig

Here are the links for Goliath and Demona in case you have not ordered them yet:

Order: Goliath Q-Fig

Order: Demona Q-Fig


NECA will be putting their Demona and Thailog Ultimates figures up for preorder soon. We will update this blog with the preorder information when made available.

What has been your favorite Gargoyles merch announcement this year? Comment below or tweet us @Ducktalks.

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