Introducing MarvelTalks with DuckTalks!

We are excited to announce that there will be new content headed to After DuckTales ended our site has become less about news and more about reviews. Although we love providing reviews for all of the amazing DuckMerch we are receiving from our partners, we also enjoy following the news around projects that excite us.

That is why, in addition to DuckTalks coverage of Disney Duck and Disney Afternooniverse content, we will be adding coverage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to our site. I am currently working to allow our readers to select tabs at the top of the homepage for the content they desire. If you are excited to see both Duck and Marvel content the homepage will provide everything you are looking for from us. If you prefer to only see our blogs about Duck content then you will have a tab that sorts our blogs to provide the content you are looking for.

We are excited to add the MarvelTalks podcast and MCU coverage to our site, and we hope you continue to visit DuckTalks for coverage that impacts your fandoms.

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