Beast Kingdom Darkwing Duck DAH Figure

Let’s Get Dangerous!

Darkwing Duck 30th Anniversary party continues with Beast Kingdom’s Darkwing Duck Dynamic 8ction Hero (DAH) figure. Beast Kingdom is releasing several Disney Afternoon and Disney Duck products this year including a Darkwing Duck, Donald Duck, and Scrooge McDuck in this DAH figure product line.

Beast Kingdom released some new pictures of the prototype for the figure. This figure is expected for release in Q3 2021. Retail price will be $69.99.

Order: Darkwing Duck DAH Figure

The accessories included with this figure are definitely impressive, and I love that it is getting it’s own display base. Interchangeable eye mask, mouth, and hands are definitely great bonuses to give your figure more display possibilities. Darkwing is a good size at around 6.5 inches. I have several Darkwing Duck figures in my collection, but I love that this one is highly articulated. I can actually pose this one and he holds his gas gun accessory without constantly dropping it like other figures that I ownx. His gas gun also includes his grappling hook as an option. I hope his hat color is changed to grey instead of black between the prototype and production phase, but that is not a deal breaker. This figure is going to look great displayed next to the other Beast Kingdom’s release of Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck. Hopefully more figures will be released from the Disney Afternoon family.

I am definitely looking forward to the release of this figure. You will be seeing more blogs around this figure as well as all other great Beast Kingdom releases that are coming to this blog. Stay Dangerous!

Order: Darkwing Duck DAH Figure

Let us know what you think about the Beast Kingdom Darkwing Duck DAH figure in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I still wish you’d make the images clickable, so that we’d get to the full-size versions with more ease, but oh well… 😕

    I like most of what I see about the figure, but can see your issue with the wrong hat color. The one, glaringly obvious problem for me, is that the sculptor had absolutely no idea what the character’s beak looks like! 😧 The underside (chin?) is completely messed up from how it should be both in shape and size, and I hope there’s still time to fix it!

    If you agree, please get the word out!!!


    • Oh, only the two wider images are actually size restricted! I don’t know if that was an oversight, or intentional, but thanks for leaving the others the way they were! 🙂

      The longer I look at the images, I realize another problem in comparison to how the character is drawn/animated (and should look):

      This sculpt’s legs are a tad too short, and Darkwing’s feet appear tiny! Hope they get enough feedback about that as well, and fix it before the release! 🤞🤨


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