Darkwing Duck Funkoverse Expansion Pack Unboxing

Daring Duck of Mystery

Champion of right

The Darkwing Duck Funkoverse Expansion Pack has arrived for us to unbox for you tonight.

Order: Darkwing Duck Funkoverse Expansion Pack (Amazon)

We have recently been knighted as Funko Ambassadors so we were thrilled that Funko Games sent us a copy of the new Darkwing Duck Funkoverse Expansion Pack to unbox for our blog readers and followers.

Note: This is an expansion pack for the Funkoverse strategy game. You will need to have the full version of the game to add this expansion. Full versions of the game are available with the following themes include: Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, DC Comics, and Golden Girls. Previously released Funkoverse Expansion Packs include: Kool-Aid Man and Aggretsuko.

This Darkwing Duck Funkoverse Expansion Pack release is a part of Funko’s 2021 Spring Convention virtual event.

This release will be available on Amazon starting on March 4th.


The box is absolutely epic in all ways possible that a box could be. You can see the mini Funko POP! figure that comes with the game through a window on the front of the box. I am an out of box collector, but this box is definitely one to keep the figure in for storage especially since it holds pieces to use in the Funkoverse game.

There is art work of a stylized Funko POP! version of Darkwing descending from his secret headquarters on top of St. Canard’s bridge. I love this art work of the Terror that Flaps in the Night! I would watch an animated cartoon or short with this Funko POP! Darkwing.

There is a sticker commemorating that this release is part of Funko’s 2021 Spring Convention virtual event. The sticker is green because Funko’s main Spring convention is the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington.

The top of the box has the Funko logo, and the bottom of the box has another Funko POP! stylized Darkwing Duck image. The Darkwing Duck Funko POP! figure is currently vaulted so I would definitely love to see this dynamic pose of Darkwing Duck released down the line if more Darkwing Duck figures are considered for production.

The back of the box shows the contents of what is inside the box. We will take a closer look at each of those items in this blog.


  • Exclusive Darkwing Duck Funkoverse POP! figure
  • Character Base
  • Darkwing Duck Character Card
  • Gas Gun
  • Gas Gun Item Card
  • 3 Smoke Tokens
  • 2 Ability Tokens
  • Exhausted Marker
  • 6 Purple Points
  • Instructions

Darkwing Duck

The original Darkwing Duck Funko POP! release featured the daring duck of mystery in a super hero pose where both his hands are at his waist. This new figure has one hand at his waist and the other hand reaching out as if he is holding an item.

This hand can hold a Funkoverse item, and a Gas Gun item just so happens to come in this package. We also get a stand for the figure. The figure can stand just fine on it’s own if you have a flat surface, but I recommend using the stand when using it on your game table and the Funkoverse game board.

Here is a side by side comparison with with the original Darkwing Duck Funko POP! figure (not included) which is now vaulted and becoming harder to find. As you can see, there is a bit of a size difference between the standard Funko POP! and a Funkoverse figure.

Game Pieces

Smoke Tokens


We get well themed purple points to go along with Darkwing Duck.

Gas Gun Item Card

You can even use the Gas Gun item with other characters in the Funkoverse strategy game family.

Darkwing Duck Character Card

I love that the names of the moves/powers are very well themed to the Darkwing Duck character. We also see another great pose of Darkwing Duck posed with his arms folded and cape in the wind that I wouldn’t mind seeing as a full size Funko POP! figure.

Where to Buy?

The Darkwing Duck Funkoverse Expansion Pack can be ordered from Amazon at the link below:

Order: Darkwing Duck Funkoverse Expansion Pack (Amazon)

Final Thoughts

The Darkwing Duck Funkoverse Expansion Pack is definitely a great addition to the Funkoverse family. Darkwing can be paired with any of the other Funkoverse games that I listed at the beginning of this blog. If you are a Disney fan, you should definitely pick up the Nightmare Before Christmas Funkoverse and Alice in Wonderland Funkoverse full game sets. There are so many great possibilities for game battle: Darkwing vs Batman, Darkwing vs Jaws Darkwing vs the Kool Aid Man, Darkwing vs Betty White, etc. You will definitely be the coolest person at the Funkoverse game table when you show up with Darkwing Duck.

It is great that Funko decided to add Darkwing Duck as an expansion pack for this great game. Especially since this year is the 30th Anniversary of Darkwing Duck. Funko is definitely a big fan of the character as they have included him in their POP!, POP! PEZ, Disney Afternoon Mystery Minis, Disney Afternoon Action Figures, Disney Afternoon Plush and Funkoverse product lines.

A big thanks again to Funko Games for sending this product to us in advance to review.

Let us know what you think about the Darkwing Duck Funkoverse Expansion Pack in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. Also, don’t forget to follow @FunkoGames for all of their latest game news.

*By purchasing from Amazon.com through this link above you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!


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