“The Last Adventure!” Subtitles Found On YouTubeTV!

YouTubeTV has become the #1 source for DuckTales finale spoilers. DuckTales’ finale, titled “The Last Adventure!,” is scheduled to premiere on Monday, March 15th. The 90 minute finale event is made up of three separate episodes that will air together to make a movie event.

All DuckTales two-parters from the past have had subtitles for when the episodes are eventually aired separately on Disney’s channels and streaming in Disney+.

The subtitles for “The Last Adventure!” were online for the past few weeks from websites that list cable programming. We’ve been trying to determine whether to share these on the blog or not. The fandom is pretty divided on whether they want to know these subtitles or not. So here is your opportunity to decide. Do you want to know the titles (which some say are very spoilerish) or will you wait for the movie event!?

Spoilers ahead!


Do not continue to scroll if yo do not want the subtitles spoiled for you.

And PLEASE don’t post them online without spoiler warnings!

Last, last chance….

Episode 323 – The Last Adventure: A Tale of Three Webby’s!

I believe this title is the one most people felt was super spoilerish. We know that May and June are appearing in the three part finale, and it could be that this episode will introduce them. I have my suspicions on who these two could be and their relation to Webby. But wow, what a ride this finale will be.

Episode 324 – The Last Adventure: The Lost Library of Isabella Finch!

Isabella Finch was first mentioned in the season 3 premiere episode “Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!” It is her “Missing Mysteries” that has sent the Ducks on this chase that has put them in he crosshairs of FOWL. The Lost Library was first mentioned a couple of weeks ago in “Beaks In The Shell!” Bradford had Gandra Dee imprisoned in his Lost Library.

Episode 325 – The Last Adventure: Tale’s End!

Fitting title for the end of the series. We can’t wait to watch the series finale of our favorite animated show. “The Last Adventure!” Premieres Monday, March 15th! Shoutout to @TheMuz for letting us know the subtitles were on YouTubeTV

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