DuckTales Takes Over Disney XD!

Next Monday, March 8th 7:30 PM, DuckTales takes over Disney XD with the DuckTales Takeover. The marathon will run non-stop with every DuckTales episode that has aired so far until the following Monday when the series finale airs!

The marathon should provide ample opportunity fir DuckFans to prepare for the end of the show on March 15th. Disney XD has started running a new promo with clips from the last few episodes of the series, including some that we believe may be from the finale “The Last Adventure!”

Shoutout to our friend @AshFangirlLisa for being the first to catch the promo and share it! And to @TheMuz for putting in some OT to grab a high resolution recording.

Check out these screenshots! Spoilers ahead!

Scrooge McDuck with Webra Walters and Glomgold being attacked by a shark in the background in “The Life & Crimes of Scrooge McDuck!”
The Cloud Slayer chased by plane in unknown episode.
Della, June, Dewey, Donald, Webby, and May with a familiar looking Egghead in the background.
Darkwing Duck, Donald, Gizmoduck, Della, and Launchpad.

Next week’s episode is “The Life and Crimes of Scrooge McDuck!” On Monday March 8th at 7:00 PM followed by the DuckTales Takeover!


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