DuckTales Finale Episode Synopsis Are Online!

We are trying to approach this topic with extreme caution. On one hand we understand that many DuckFans are avoiding any news about DuckTales’ series finale event surrounding “The Last Adventure!” that will premiere on Monday March 15th at 7 PM. We know that many are avoiding the regular news such as episode titles and synopsis. If you are such a fan, please bail on this blog ASAP. DONT READ ANOTHER LINE OF TEXT.

On the other hand, we have always covered episode titles and episode descriptions on this blog. So for everyone else who doesn’t consider these releases as a spoiler (of which I am one), this blog is for you.

But First Spoiler Warnings!

Don’t scroll!

Don’t read!


Ok, love you. Bye, bye.

Discord user @caden’t pointed out in our Discord that the YouTubeTV listings not only includes episode titles, but it also includes episode descriptions. So I reached out to our buddy @TheMuz and let him know that he let me down.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t consider the episode titles that spoilerish, but these episode descriptions… well, they kind of are. So before I post them in this blog I want to give those of you who thought you were ready a moment to bail out. No hard feelings, you do you.

Spoiler warning!

I’m not

Doing many more

Of these

So don’t say


Didn’t warn you!

Ok. Before I share, I do want to say these descriptions should only be shared with those who agree they want to see them. So spoiler-up your online discussions. Whether you think episodes descriptions are spoilers or not let others decide if they want to know.

Ok. Here we go.

Whoa! I thought this episode title wasn’t that spoilerish, but this description is! And, I called it. I had clones on my bingo card. This description most likely creates more questions than answers…

This finale is going to be amazing! First off, who is kidnapped!? Secondly, why must they split up? Thirdly, Webby secrets!?

I think this description is the least spoilerish, and I’m down for that. We are going to be in for a good time on Monday, March 15th at 7 PM or earlier on DisneyNow! Oh, and don’t forget the finale will not be locked for subscribers only.

Please, Please! Be respectful of others decision not to read these descriptions.


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