Would You Believe We Have More “LGD!” Images?!

Disney XD is making sure fans of the Masked Mallard know that he is set to return alongside Gosalyn and many classic villains in next week’s DuckTales’ episode “Let’s Get Dangerous!”

We have had numerous promos, clips, and images over the past couple of weeks. Each has created more and more excitement for the episode and the characters that it promises.

We noticed new images floating around the internet the past couple of days, and we received an email from user Luna McDuck. Thankfully our friend @PixieSphere was able to set us straight and we thought we would share the images in case some of our readers missed them.

The first image will become an iconic image of our trio of heroes. This image is the episode image on Hulu. The remaining images were shared by the Disney Channel PR Twitter account.

“Let’s Get Dangerous!” premieres Monday, October 19th at 7 pm on Disney XD. If you have a subscription that includes Disney XD you should be able to watch much sooner.

Gosalyn, Darkwing, and Launchpad from “Let’s Get Dangerous!”
Megavolt from “Let’s Get Dangerous!”
Quackerjack from “Let’s Get Dangerous!”
Bushroot from “Let’s Get Dangerous!”
Liquidator in “Let’s Get Dangerous!”


    • Yeah, the blog begins explaining that. When we are late to something we typically get emails and messages wondering why we didn’t include it. So I went ahead and posted a blog about the images that became available this week.

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  1. I only know now a couple things about the first image:

    1. It’s the picture on Sling and Hulu.
    2. It looks cool.
    3. Did I mention that it looks cool?
    4. I sometimes have dreams about Darkwing Duck.

    And there is something I want to know, that I don’t need to know: Why do
    monsters have to roar?

    If you want things to get more weirrder, ask me.

    I have new information on “Let’s Get Dangerous!”


    I have a new video.

    And maybe an image, too.

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