Darkwing Duck Episodes to Watch Before Let’s Get Dangerous!

The hype train was already at full speed before the “Let’s Get Dangerous!” promo trailer aired, but now the train just hit ludicrous speed as we have to try to get through a whole week before the highly anticipated double length Darkwing episode airs.

You can re-watch the trailer here.

In the trailer, we see that classic Darkwing Duck villains have entered a portal that have transported them to St. Canard. Those villains being 4 of 5 of the Fearsome Five: Quackerjack, the Liquidator, Megavolt, and Bushroot. The fifth member of the Fearsome Five is Jim Starling/Negaduck, but he was not shown in the trailer. Taurus Bulba is also one of the main antagonist from Let’s Get Dangerous! as well as the original series pilot, “Darkly Dawns the Dark”.

You can find our blog listing the DuckTales (2017) episodes here.

For this blog, I wanted to recommend a playlist of original series Darkwing Duck episodes that you should watch on Disney+ before watching Let’s Get Dangerous! For starters you should watch all of the classic Darkwing Duck episodes, but below are some of the 1st appearance/origin stories of the Darkwing Duck villains that we know will be in this episode. (Note: On Disney+, Darkwing Duck episodes are out of order.)

Taurus Bulba

  • Darkly Dawns the Dark Part 1

  • Darkly Dawns the Dark Part 2

  • The Steerminator


  • Beauty and the Beet


  • Days of Blunder
  • Whiffle While You Work
  • Toys Czar Us

The Liquidator

  • Dry Hard


    Clash Reunion
  • Twitching Channels

Please comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks if you have additional episode recommendations.


  1. You forgot to list the episode about Megavolt’s origin, “Clash Reunion”. Incidentally, that episode also features the original Darkwing’s origin (or one of them, anyway).

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