New DuckTales Episodes In November?!

If you’ve followed us for a while you know that sometimes information gets out there that we can’t confirm and we discuss as rumor. This is one of those blogs.

Twitter account @DisneyTVANews has a long history of reporting on Disney Television Animation. They always seem to get the Disney Highlights about a week before it is released online. They have shared information today that we presume is from the Highlights. So while we say this is a rumor until officially confirmed, we don’t doubt its validity.

To be honest I am surprised. I expected a break in November and episodes returning in December or early 2021 (let that sink in… it’s almost 2020). We know season 3 has been delayed while the crew worked hard to get episodes completed. With these episodes announced we are looking at the second half of season 3.

We know we have a lot to discuss when it comes to these episode titles and they possible stories, and we know the community is currently worrying that DuckTales will not see a season 4. We will be talking about these items in upcoming blogs and our podcasts.

But for now, we think an upcoming announcement for season 3 continuing into November should be welcomed, and we look forward to discussing everything with you all.

Remember you can join the conversation below in the comments, on Twitter @DuckTalks, or on our Discord channel.


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