Disney Channel Monstober Promo Includes DuckTales!

Thanks to Spamco (a member of our Discord) we now know about another promo including new clips from DuckTales.

Check out the promo below which includes clips from “The Phantom and the Blot!” and October’s “The Trickening!”


It has been pointed out that we did not mention that this promo is from outside the US. The dates and times in the promo are not relevant to DuckFans in the US.

It looks like DuckTales spookier episodes will be included in The Disney Channel’s Halloween themed, month long event.

*Warning* Don’t watch the video if you are going spoiler free.


  1. So does this mean ducktales is moving to disney channel half way through october?i really hope so because i just got sling tv which just has disney channel but no disney XD

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