DuckTalks Episode #110 – September Is Heating Up!

Join the conversation as we wrap up a five month DuckTales’ hiatus with Disney XD promo breakdowns, Shout outs, Deep In The Duckblur’s comic book dub, and “The Trickening!” premiere confusion in this episode of DuckTalks!

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@JoeCaramagna and his Virtual Space Race for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Houston/Galveston 

Does Lena possess the Power Gem Infinity Stone?

Does Lena possess the Reality Gem Infinity Stone?

Another Phantom/Sorceress Screenshot!

Disney XD Heating Up! (New Promo with DuckTales!)

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    • I guess we just don’t see it as ruining. We are enjoying reading the classic stories being re-released by Fantagraphics and we are becoming fans of all of the versions of these characters. Just because there is a new take on a character doesn’t diminish the previous versions to us. We love the OG DuckTales. We’ve loved it most of our lives. In the past few years we’ve been introduced to the comics versions of these characters and we love those version too. Now we have this show that we also love, but all three are very different takes on these characters. I don’t feel that DT17 diminishes that.

      Also, I KNOW that the new show is introducing new readers/viewers to those classic versions.


      • I don’t hate it because it’s not the original, I hate it because it betrays these characters by turning them into something they’re not.


      • Scrooge McDuck went from a lovable yet stingy old man to an inconsistent mess of a character that goes from being boring to a complete buffoon. HDL went from nerdy little kids to annoying douche bags. And so on. The only character they have gotten right is Darkwing, and he’s not even from DuckTales.


      • Your opinion is valid, but I disagree. I enjoy this take on Scrooge. I enjoy his flaws and I like the humor. I like the portrayal of the nephews. You are right, these tales are not the same as the comics or the OG DuckTales of the past, but we’ve seen those. And they are still around in amazing collections by Fantagraphics and on Disney+ (mostly) I don’t think a new take diminishes the previous versions. And I think introducing new fans to the classic comics is a great way to continue the legacy of those versions.

        We’ve said it over and over again, but we would love to see Disney Duck comics to continue in the US. I’d love to read comics based on those original characters, but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying the humor in the new show. We aren’t going to agree on that.

        One thing we can agree on, they nailed DW. I love that you love these characters James. I am not going to tell you that you are wrong for feeling that way, but we just don’t agree.

        Have a great Saturday.


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