“The Trickening!” Episode Description Update!… And New Air Date?!

The Disney XD press page has been updated with a new image after the official social media accounts shared new information about Halloween inspired episodes airing in October.

The updated description now says;

The kids forego their usual trick-or-treat path and instead take on the most haunted house in Duckburg, while Launchpad confronts ghosts from the past.

We had already had the beginning of the description, but the addition of Launchpad’s B story is new to us. Of course we have seen promos in the past that includes this episode and they included LP.

Fans should also take note that the episode will premiere on 10/2 which is a Friday instead of the 10/5 premiere in the graphic that announced the return of season 3. I haven’t found a time as of writing this blog but it looks like “The Trickening!” will most likely premiere in prime time, and it will also air at the regular time on Monday 10/5.

Source: https://www.wdtvpress.com/disneyxd/shows/ducktales/episodes/the-trickening/photos/

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