New DuckTales Halloween Episode Description!

We made it DuckFans! It is September and new DuckTales episodes are only three weeks away.

We’ve already seen the episode descriptions for the two episodes schedule to premiere this month (Previous Episode Descriptions!), but one eagle-eyed fan spotted an episode description for the October 5th episode “The Trickening!” on Google. Thank you @AshFangirlLisa for sharing the info with us.

The description doesn’t provide us much more than what we already knew, but it feels great having new info out there. We have been talking about this episode since the beginning of season 3. This episode and the “Christmas episode” were the first episodes completed for S3 and they were originally playing panned to premiere in 2019. We’ve had glimpses of the episode in previous promos.

Speaking of which, the whole fandom is on lookout for the next DuckTales promo on Disney XD they will herald the show’s return. Follow DuckTalks on Twitter to keep up with DuckTales episode premieres!

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