A Goofy Movie Sequel “An Even Goofier Movie” FanFic

*This is a fan fiction and not an actual sequel being developed*
I consider A Goofy Movie to be a perfect movie.  It has no flaws.  The followup movie “An Extremely Goofy Movie” is entertaining, but not the sequel story that I was looking for.  I related to Max when I first saw the movie as a kid, and now that I am older I relate to Goofy as I have kids of my own Max’s age.
Here is my rough pitch for a sequel to A Goofy Movie that I call ” An Even Goofier Movie“. Disney+ if you read this, respond in the comments below or tweet me @DuckTalks.
Max Goof is in his mid 30s.  His life has hit a wall. He is still best friends with PJ and Bobby, but they don’t get much time to hangout any more because of adulting.  They also all have families of their own. Max did marry his girlfriend from the short included on “Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas”, but things got rocky with their relationship and they eventually split up. 
So Max finds himself a single dad of a son named Jason (named after voice actor Jason Marsden).  Jason is around the same age as Max in A Goofy Movie. Max thinks of himself as the cool dad, but Jason disagrees. “Powerline is so 1990s!” The cycle is repeating itself.  Max suddenly realizes that he has become his dad, Goofy, which was his worst nightmare from the first film. He turns to his dad for advice, who enjoys watching Max go through what he had to go through, but Goofy is also still extremely supportive.  Their relationship gets even stronger throughout the movie as Max relates to how great a dad Goofy was even though they had their disagreements. 
Jason is interested in a girl in school, Kellie (named afer Roxanne’s voice actor) who just so happens to be Roxanne’s niece.  Max finds this out as he and Goofy are spying on one of their dates. Roxanne just so happen to be spying on the date as well.  Roxanne is still single somehow. Max hasn’t seen Roxanne since high school, but she looks the same to him.  You find out some backstory about how they dated in high school, but they broke up because they went to different colleges. Max and Roxanne start dating again. 
Max, PJ, and Bobby have their annual week hangout at a resort with their families.  Max invites Roxanne and Kellie to attend as well.  Goofy and his librarian girlfriend from An Extremely Goofy Movie, Sylvia, also attend for the week shennanigans. Goofy gets to enjoy himself and sit back and watch all of the action and back and forth between Max and Jason.  Jason has a great relationship with his grandpa Goofy. Jason doesn’t want to attend the weekend, but at least Kellie and his friends (PJ and Bobby’s kids) will be there. Pete owns the resort so Pete, Peggy, and a grown up Pistol are also at the resort for the week. 
Max uses the vqcation to try to bond with Jason, but Roxanne of course is a big distraction for him. Jason seeing his dad’s relationship with Roxanne makes him realize that he actually has a lot in common with his dad, they just grew up in different decades. He admits to actually loving listening to Powerline with his dad all the time in the car. Flash forward some time later, and we see Max and Roxanne get married. Powerline is of course the guest wedding singer, and the movie ends with the entire cast doing the perfact cast to Eye to Eye.

This was my first ever attempt at writing a pitch or fan fiction so be gentle in the comments below or tweet @DuckTalks.

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