DuckTales Is Back On Hiatus!

Dewey Duck and Scrooge McDuck from “The Rumble for Ragnarok!”

We knew new episodes were not on the Disney XD schedule for the rest of May, but now we know the hiatus is going to take some time.

We had hoped the show might be back for June, but based on comments by Frank Angones, Co-Producer of the show, today on Twitter it looks like the latest hiatus may take some time.

Although the season had a planned break after “The Rumble for Ragnarok!” it sounds like the original plan was for shorter break. Frank said the planned hiatus will be lengthened by the complications caused by the world wide and pandemic.

Frank went on to say they were still working hard to produce episode of the show, and he shared that our hero David Tennant, the voice of Scrooge McDuck, is recording lines from a “studio” in his home closet.

Frank also added that we still have a lot to look forward to with season 3. He teased the return of a menace from the moon, romance, F.O.W.L., and… Florida…!?

We are adjusting our plans to prepare for a June hiatus. We have spoken with some great DA and DuckTales related creators who we will have on the show to fill the break. We also plan on recording more live episodes on Discord and maybe some more community events.

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  1. Couple things:

    As long as the quality stays up, take whatever time is needed, my house is happy with reruns.

    I was also really pleased that they showed one episode a week, instead of slamming all the episodes in less than two weeks. It became a Saturday night ritual For my family to eat dinner then watch the new episode.

    One last thing, I hope the new season goes to Disney+ soon. The kids would watch them again, but Disney now doesn’t work on an Apple TV for some reason.

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    • Phillip, we agree. As much as we are ready for more new episodes we are ok waiting so that everyone involved in the show can remain safe.

      The weekly release was a huge breath of fresh air. It was nice looking forward to a new episode each week.

      We don’t expect the episodes to show up on Disney+ until after the entire season has aired on DisneyXD. I have an AppleTV and we use DisneyNow. Have you tried deleting the app and re-downloading it? That has worked for me with apps in the past.


  2. It’s a shame the series must return again to hiatus, but I have to concur with Phillip here. If the crew just churned out a bunch of episodes all at once, there would be a downgrade in quality, which would be an even bigger shame. I’m just glad Frank acknowledge the longer-than-planned hiatus and teased at what’s to come next later in the season. Seriously, I can’t wait for Darkwing Duck’s imminent return and an episode revolving Donald going on a date with Della. Oh, and how could I forget the McDuck clan’s face-off against F.O.W.L.? DuckTales, woo-o!

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