Diamond Select Toys Zero Deluxe Cloth Doll Figure

A holiday movie has to be pretty solid to be able to be memorable and become a classic. In 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas successfully nailed two holidays to become one of the most beloved Halloween and Christmas movies of all time. With great movies comes great toys and collectibles.

If you have been following our review blogs, you have definitely seen that Diamond Select Toys is one of the leaders in Toys and collectibles for the Nightmare Before Christmas franchise.

Today we will be taking a closer look at the Zero Deluxe Cloth Doll Figure. A big thank you to Diamond Select Toys for sending us these fantastic products to showcase on the blog!


Zero comes in a window package which displays the figure and dog house base. The window packaging leaves the option of displaying this figure in box if you are an in box action figure collector.

The box side view shows a glam shot of the Zero figure. This must have been a picture of the prototype of the figure as the support rod has changed from grey to clear.


The Zero Deluxe Cloth Doll is made of hard PVC. It is comparable to Diamond Select Toys’ Gallery Diorama figures. Zero’s head can turn and is poseable. The clear support rod attaches to the bottom of the figure.

The figure is in scale to the size of Diamond Select Toys’ other Nightmare Before Christmas figures in the deluxe cloth doll figure series. We will take a look at the Jack Skellington figure in a future review.

Zero’s Dog House

Zero’s dog house sits on a wooden base.

Picture Gallery

Where to Buy?

The Diamond Select Toys Zero Deluxe Cloth Doll figure retails for $49.99.

You can check with your local comic book shop for availability or buy directly from Diamond Select Toys.

Comic Store Locator

Diamond Select Toys Website


Final Thoughts

This Nightmare Before Christmas Zero figure would make a fine addition to your NBC or Halloween or Christmas display. The high quality base really adds to the presentation of this figure, and it looks fantastic on a shelf. Zero is highly recommended for fans of the character or the movie.

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