Mondo Tiki Mug Scrooge McDuck Number One Dime Variant

Mondo starting shipping their Scrooge McDuck Tiki mugs this month. So far there has been a regular edition and a Number One Dime (LE 300) silver variant edition. There will also be more variants released in the future. One is rumored to be a gold variant. That is a whole lotta tiki mugs.

Today we will look at the Mondo Scrooge McDuck Number One Dime Variant Tiki Mug.


A sticker listing the special variant edition is on the front of the box.

The rest of the box shows the different angles of the tiki mug.

I love that the classic DuckTales logo is all over the box.

The top flap of the box displays a special message when you open the box.

Scrooge McDuck Number One Dime Variant

Comparison Photos

Here are some side by side photos with the regular Scrooge McDuck Tiki Mug.


The Number One Dime Variant of the Scrooge McDuck Tiki Mug sold out quickly on its first day of release due to such a low edition size. When it was first announced, I was on the fence about getting it. It definitely looks much fancier in person, and I am very happy that I was able to add this variant to the collection. I also ordered the regular edition which is still currently available on Mondo’s website if you are interested. You will definitely be able to appreciate the details in both editions. The retail price for these mugs is $40 each.

Scrooge McDuck Mondo Tiki Mug Regular Edition

Did you order either of the Mondo Scrooge McDuck Tiki Mugs? Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks


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