More DuckTales Season 3 Episode Titles May Be Online!

We are deep in rumors right now when it comes to episode information for DuckTales Season 3. The previously shared episode titles and descriptions show up when you Google Search for them, but two additional episode titles have shown up on a cable programming forum.

Posts on programming sites have been accurate in the past, but as of this post we do not have confirmation on these. Thank you to Twitter user @AmphibiaCrew for sharing the info with us.

April 18th – DuckTales “The Lost Harp of Mervana

April 25th – DuckTales “Louie’s Eleven!”

I don’t have any insights this morning on the episode on the 18th other than a harp being a common item for an adventure show to search for, but April 25th show is particularly interesting because of Frank Angones’s comments on Tumblr. Frank was asked how many people Louie would interact with and he said at least ten.

No idea if these are real, but the discussion is worth it. It is great to be coming off hiatus! Check out the original post below.


  1. Huh… interesting. I’d have interpreted “Louie’s Eleven!” as “Louie is eleven (years old)!” I wouldn’t have thought to interpret it as eleven people associated with Louie. But combined with Frank’s comment about him interacting with at least ten people, you’re right. It does sound like a bit of a hint. And it sounds like Ocean’s Eleven. That makes a lot more sense than just saying Louie is eleven years old but not mentioning his brothers are, too.

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