DuckTales Season 3 Episode Titles and Descriptions

DuckTales Season 3 is almost upon so. Hiatus is almost over and so we must rejoice.

The episode titles and descriptions from the first three episodes have appeared on the Internet so it is time to buckle up as this season will be a wild one.

Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 1

April 4, 2020

Huey races against Violet in a challenge to be named Senior Junior Woodchuck. Scrooge and the family search for a secret Woodchuck treasure.

Quack Pack!

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 2

April 4, 2020

The family is not quite itself as it soon discovers the planned family photo shoot might just be a part of a bigger wish gone wrong.

Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 3

April 11, 2020

A spy video game turns dangerously real as Launchpad and Dewey must stop F.O.W.L. Agent Steelbeak’s plan to destroy Duckburg.

These three first episodes of DuckTales Season 3 sounds pretty sweet! Thanks @DuckTalesStuff for the heads up. It looks like episodes will air weekly which we prefer instead of the episode bomb format. Which episode are you most looking forward to? Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks.


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