Check Out This Awesome Fan Created DuckTales 2017 Retro Intro Compilation!

One of the best parts about an online fandom is the content created by fans. And one of the latest fan creations had us cheering yesterday evening.

Twitter user @VioletGanache42 has created a compilation of DuckTales 2017 scenes to the original 1987 show’s intro, and it is amazing. Based on the popularity of the tweet we know that many of you have already seen it, but we often hear from readers of the blog who aren’t on social media. We did not want you all to miss out.

Violet is a member of our Discord and she was willing to answer a few questions I had about her creation.

You can check out Sophie’s Darkwing Duck Compilation below.

One Twitter user created a side-by-side comparison and now we can all bask in the glory of the creation without pulling up multiple web browser windows!

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